Cut a ribbon

A grand opening was held for Mill Haven Friday at its facility on Grain Avenue.


Mill Haven in Tomah is officially open for business.

A grand opening celebration was held for the New Lisbon-based manufacturer Friday.

Brian Slater, who owns the facility with his wife, Hollie, is excited to have a new branch of Mill Haven in Tomah, which began operating this past week.

“We’ve been in New Lisbon 7 ½ years now operating, and we needed room to grow, so we went through some hurdles, and it worked out with Tomah ... everything worked out perfect,” he said. “This property became available; the city has been great to work with. Everything happened quickly, which is awesome. ... We’re very happy to be in Tomah, and there’s a lot more growth that we can do here.”

Mill Haven manufactures powdered blends for the dairy industry. The Slaters founded the company in 2010.

City of Tomah administrator Roger Gorius is glad to have Mill Haven in Tomah. The $6.5 million facility covers 77,000 square feet over eight acres of land.

“It’s a huge employment benefit for quite a few people — they’re a very good-paying company,” he said. “The Slaters are excellent people to work with. They’re very good to their employees. It’s more than just a job with them, they treat their people like family.”

Gorius said the Slaters have created a successful business.

“Seven years ago they started this out − it has been going very good for them. They’re very, very good people, they’re very dedicated. It’s just a big boon for us, and I think it will spearhead a lot of industrial growth out on the south side. As everybody knows, I’m a south side guy. I want to make it grow.”

Gorius said Tomah is and will continue to benefit from Mill Haven in terms of expansion. He expects the business to grow. It will employ 10 people to start and plans to expand to 20 by mid-January.

“Mill Haven was a good reason for us to be able to pick up this particular piece of property and develop it into basically what is considered a new industrial park for our city,” he said. “Mill Haven right now has an additional eight acres out here with intent to build in the future again on this plant if it is successful. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be.”

Tomah mayor Nellie Pater is happy to see another business come to Tomah.

“I am very excited, I’m very excited to see operations start,” she said. “They’re a good company, I welcome them into our city. (I believe) they’re going to be a great fit.”

“We’re very happy to be in Tomah, and there’s a lot more growth that we can do here.” Brian Slater, owner, Mill Haven

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