A Tomah man is facing a set of charges after an incident with the Tomah Police Department.

Dennis E. Campbell, 62, was arrested in the early morning hours of Dec. 7 after surveillance video showed Campbell letting air out of Tomah Police Department squad cars. Campbell is also accused of bending a squad car's radio antenna.

According to the police report, Campbell is seen on camera removing the tire valve covers for several squad cars parked behind the Tomah Police Department late Dec. 6. Police were able to identify Campbell on the video from prior police contacts and located him outside of the Tee Pee Restaurant, across the street from the police department. According to the report, Campbell denied removing the valve covers and allowed an officer to search him. A valve cover consistent with the ones missing from the squad cars was found in Campbell's pocket.

Campbell continued to deny any wrongdoing, but told police he was angry at officers over his previous arrests. According to the report, Campbell made several threats toward the police officers before the officers decided to place Campbell under arrest. Campbell refused the officers' orders to stand up and put his hands behind his back before officers used pepper spray to subdue him and take him into custody.

According to the report, officers then took him to the police department to decontaminate him from the pepper spray, where Campbell threatened "to blow you guys up." Campbell was then transported to Tomah Memorial Hospital for a legal blood draw, where he attempted to kick a police officer.

Campbell was charged with five counts of bail jumping, battery to a police officer, property damage, disorderly conduct, theft and resisting an officer.

In other police news:

*A former Tomah couple is facing theft charges after they were accused of taking a washer and dryer from a residence after they moved out.

James P. Pastor, 52, and Cynthia A. Pastor, 54, are accused of removing a washer and dryer from a Tomah residence when they moved to Florida earlier this month. The Pastors told police the washer and dryer that had been in the residence was put on the curb several months before they left and their landlord was aware that they had replaced the items. According to the report, the Pastors said the washer and dryer they left Tomah with were purchased by them.

*Roberto Mendoza, 42, Norwalk, is facing charges of obstructing an officer after he allegedly gave a fake ID card to an officer during a traffic stop in Tomah.

Mendoza was pulled over Sunday when an officer noticed the license plates on his vehicle were expired and suspended. Mendoza is accused of giving the officer a fake date of birth and fake identification during the stop. Mendoza was also issued citations for operating a motor vehicle after suspension, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, non-registration, suspended registration and presenting a cancelled ID card as valid. Mendoza was booked into the Monroe County Jail for the obstructing charge.

*Gregory T. Schaefer, 24, Tomah is facing bail jumping charges after he was accused of violating bond conditions that require him to drink no alcohol. A preliminary breath test showed a result of .049 blood alcohol content.

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