I believe malfeasance best describes McCain. It means a wrongdoing by one in public office. He sure fits into that category.

The high opinions of McCain come from leftists or Marxists. As a politician, he's a Republican embarrassment. I give you examples: Remember Teddy Kennedy undermining his brother's administration − JFK a conservative, Teddy an anti-constitution liberal? Remember the most liberal U.S. Senator when he was there? It was Russ Feingold, the promoter of sanctuary cities for illegals. What about Marxist Nancy Pelosi? These are, or were, left-wing anti-U.S. constitution progressive liberals. McCain supports legislation with all of them.

That's malfeasance, McCain. Calling him conservative is stupidity. He brags about the North Vietnam general that won the war. He says we won the battles but lost the war. Get this, McCain, the military didn't lose the war; left-wing politicians like you lost the war. Would a patriot be in favor of penalties on the American people for not wanting to purchase insurance they don't want?

McCain is the most non-statesman, non-conservative in the last 35 years. The press cheers McCain and six other turncoats for being flip-floppers on the same bill they supported two years ago.

McCain is no conservative; he is an imposter. Reputation is what people think you to be; character is what God knows you to be.

Craig Jones,

Anderson, S.C.

Jones is a former resident of Tomah.


Steve Rundio is editor of the Tomah Journal. Contact him at 608-374-7785.

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