Stooge (one) Lindsay Graham, (two) Flake, (three) Gardner. Let's put coveralls on these lefties next election cycle. They disgrace themselves to even consider compromise with anti-American Dick Durbin. The Illinois senator represents socialism or Marxism, the party of millionaires and billionaires. They are offended by Trump for telling the truth about Third World dictatorships being hell or s___holes − offended because it's factual.

Durbin's party is not comfortable with truthful facts. This party said the Middle East would be safer with a nuclear Iran. Could that be considered insanity? Many college professors supported a nuclear Iran − proof of insanity. These are the Marxists duping your children in the education system. Do millennials sound familiar?

Trump's tax plan for giving working families $1,000 more spending money is called chump change by the former Democrat party. These Marxists or socialists want the $1,000. Why? To purchase more votes through government giveaways. They are anti-U.S. constitution, period.

Here is proof of the billionaires' party: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Tom Steyer. These four have more money than half of all Americans combined. They're all socialists or Marxists. They supported Bernie Sanders, socialist, or Marxists like Barack Obama and the Clinton riff raff. These useful idiots are deaf when the Hollywood scum spew the F bomb. They see it as free speech.

Ask any millennial. Pelosi, Schumer and John Lewis are race-baiting political Marxists. In conclusion, God bless Alveda King.

Craig Jones,

Anderson, South Carolina

Jones is former resident of Tomah.


Tomah Journal editor

Steve Rundio is editor of the Tomah Journal. Contact him at 608-374-7785.

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