The major news of the week seems to be about “tax reduction” with a splattering of “tax reform” also mentioned, while “less spending” is hardly considered. Tax reform is much more than paying less tax, and if we really want less taxes, then we should have less spending, too!

Tax reform brings to mind words like easy, equitable, essential, efficient and eliminate. Easy means fewer brackets and less paperwork. Equitable means corporate welfare and special-interest considerations are eliminated. It is essential to have a standing tax code, not one that changes frequently, for a pro-growth tax system. Efficient means with less special details in the tax code it will be better for all concerned − both the taxpayer and the government. Eliminate, as previously stated, brings to mind less paperwork, less corporate welfare and special interests, less constant change to the tax code and less special details for all.

And, if we really want to pay less tax, then less spending is required or the federal deficit will never shrink. I have heard or read more than once a now famous comment: “Government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.” (Or, sometimes the phrases are reversed, but the point is the same.)

Let all three of your federal legislators know that you want tax reform and less spending, which together will result in less tax.

John Christy



Tomah Journal editor

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