Efforts of local educators appreciated

Dear appreciated Monroe County educators,

Thank you to everyone − bus drivers, cooks, maintenance personnel, teachers’ aides, librarians, school nurses, teachers, administrative staff and school board members for working so hard to provide a quality PUBLIC education to our Monroe County students. We know that you sometimes give up personal time, free time and personal funds to make the school experience better for your students.

We know that you all keep working on improving measures to give our children a safe learning environment and the opportunity to fulfill their potential. We appreciate your commitment as each year you are faced with the task of doing more with less.

Thank you for consistently setting high expectations for our students and for encouraging them to set high expectations for themselves. Your belief in each student results in each student’s success.

We suspect that you often don’t know when your smile, compliment or words of encouragement have turned a student’s day around. They do!

We continue to support you—some by directly volunteering in our schools—all by publicly voicing our support in our communities. We are proud of our PUBLIC school communities. We thank you!

Sincere congratulations.

Barbara Sullivan, President, Monroe County Retired Educators’ Association Althea Stanley, President- Elect Wisconsin Retired Educators’ Association


Steve Rundio is editor of the Tomah Journal. Contact him at 608-374-7785.

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