First I would like to apologize to Monroe County Board member Pete Peterson for calling him an uncaring person to the residents to Rolling Hills. That was my opinion in a heated debate, and it was wrong.

I am also a member of the Rolling Hills committee which Peterson chairs and on the nursing home committee, where I am not part of the 80 percent that wants it moved to Tomah. It's very hard for me to understand how the taxpayers in Tomah want to give which started at $1 million and then went down to $500,000 to move to Tomah and the fact that the taxpayers will be paying twice for the facility.

I wear many hats, but all of them have the same passion of caring of what the problem is and get it solved. The fact that throwing a carrot to the county for land and utilities which we already have seems a big waste of tax dollars to me.

This is no way a put down of Tomah as I think it’s going places with all they have going, and I congratulate them on all the good things they are doing, but the Rolling Hills Nursing Home needs to stay in Sparta as the residents, residents' families and the staff where it has been forever are requesting.

Please everyone call and talk to your alderman, the mayor and your county board supervisor to leave Rolling Hills in the quiet country setting they call home.

Mary Von Ruden,


Mary Von Ruden represents District 7 on the Monroe County Board of Supervisors and District 3 on the Sparta City Council.


Tomah Journal editor

Steve Rundio is editor of the Tomah Journal. Contact him at 608-374-7785.

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