At the July Monroe County Board of Supervisors meeting, I mentioned examples of correct information about the proposed county skilled nursing/assisted living project that disagreed with county administration information. Below are some examples.

Incorrect: The Rolling Hills building does not meet building codes. Some bathrooms are too small and do not meet building codes.

Correct: The Rolling Hills building and all its bathrooms do meet building codes. Buildings are built and inspected according to building codes in existence at the time of construction.

Conclusion: Building evaluation - Rolling Hills needs to remodel or rebuild.

Caution: The building evaluation was done by a nursing home construction company. This is like asking Aaron Rodgers if he wants to play in the Super Bowl. YES! An unbiased building evaluation should be with a company that only evaluates buildings, not a construction company.

Incorrect: Wipfli, the consulting company hired by Monroe County, projected state rate reimbursement increases for assisted living of 2 percent each year for 2017-20.

Correct: The state of Wisconsin has not given an increase in assisted living in over six years. In fact assisted living reimbursement was cut in 2014 by 5 percent.

Most private senior living organizations spend over one year in research, financial and market feasibility studies and evaluation before working with an architect on smaller projects − less than $5 million. The county is proposing this $16 million to $18 million project with less than one year of study.

Monroe County needs correct information and to act with caution.

Michael Bonello,



Steve Rundio is editor of the Tomah Journal. Contact him at 608-374-7785.

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