Over the past month, many Wisconsinites have reached out to me concerned about the tax bill and confused about how it will impact them. There is no question that our current tax code is in need of reform. The current tax bill, however, isn’t the kind of reform Wisconsinites need.

Wisconsinites are right to be confused. Congress is trying to pass a bill that will impact every person in America without any hearings and understanding of the consequences. The process has been so rushed that last week they were handwriting their changes on to the bill, like you or I would write a note to ourselves about getting more milk. That is not the way we should be making laws and definitely will not make filing taxes simpler.

One thing everyone agrees is important is to make it simpler for teachers, small business owners, veterans and seniors to file their taxes. Sadly this tax bill won’t do that. Instead of simplifying our taxes, experts say that this will create more confusion for hard-working Wisconsinites when it comes to filing their taxes.

In Wisconsin we know the value of a dollar and how to work within a budget and so should our government. Unfortunately, when putting this tax bill together, a number of my colleagues decided they didn’t want to make hard choices. Instead, they give away unpaid for tax cuts to big corporations and powerful special interests while sticking our grandchildren and children with over $1.5 trillion dollars in debt. We owe it to future generations to make sure they have the opportunity to succeed, and sticking them with debt won’t do that.

If my colleagues are willing, I stand ready to work on a completely paid-for bipartisan plan to simplify the tax code and cut taxes for hardworking Wisconsinites, but I can’t support a bill that is a bad deal Wisconsinites.

Democrat Ron Kind, La Crosse, represents Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District.


Tomah Journal editor

Steve Rundio is editor of the Tomah Journal. Contact him at 608-374-7785.

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