Tonight’s sold-out Insane Clown Posse show at The Cavalier Theater has been delayed until at least 7 p.m.

The venue's insurer will not allow the show without protective covering, and the band will not play if it cannot spray soda, according to its Facebook page.

Promoters are trying to find fire retardant plastic for the event.

"We apologize for any inconveniences, efforts are being made by all parties to comply with all fire code and insurance stipulations," read the Cavalier's Facebook post.

Concert organizers covered the building’s interior in plastic to protect the seats, walls and ceiling from soda that band members spray on eager concert-goers.

Acting on a tip, the La Crosse Fire Department’s building inspectors early this afternoon confirmed the interior was wrapped in flammable plastic that is toxic in the event of a fire, Assistant Chief Craig Snyder said.

“There is plastic from one end of the theater to the other, from the floor to the ceiling,” he said. “Plastic is not an approved wall covering for any property. It will literally shrink to your skin if there’s a fire. It’s a huge safety concern.”

Snyder met with Cavalier owner Jason La Course and the band's promoter and tour manager and gave them men three options: remove the plastic and continue the show, leave it and cancel the concert or replace the plastic with flame-retardant tarps.

“No one was happy. It took a week to set up,” Snyder said. “Unfortunately, three hours from the show, the last is not an option.”

La Course at 3 p.m. said the concert was “up in the air” and encouraged those who plan to attend to check the Cavalier’s Facebook page for updates. Inspectors will check the building again before the 6 p.m. show time.

Snyder noted the importance of code compliance in the wake of a Rhode Island nightclub fire in 2003 that left 100 dead.

“We are not here to ruin their night, but at the end of the day, I have a job to do,” Snyder said. “And my job is to make sure everyone who goes into the theater comes out safe.”


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I don't know very much about this group, other than they messed up the plans for last Saturday's Freedom Honor Flight because they were protesting at the Lincoln Memorial. Our veterans has to miss another venue and had to deal with their followers behavior. Not impressed!


All of us can certainly understand how important an honor flight is and what a once in a lifetime opportunity this is for most veterans. What is also worth discussing is that our country was built (and fought for) so we can hold a rally and speak freely.

I was in DC recently and had a reservation to attend an appointment at a historic site but was unable to attend because of the "womens march on Washington". I don't think I need to be not impressed by that entire's population right to protest.


Well said "sauce". Define irony: Being upset for veterans because someone is exercising the rights the veterans fought for.


Cancel it,remember concerts where others died when they couldnt get out,that was from pyrotechnics. Other bands. Or dont spray drinks all over people and remove plastic!

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