Chronic wasting disease has arrived in Vernon County.

“Vernon County has its first wild deer with CWD,” said Dave Matheys, DNR wildlife biologist for Vernon and Crawford counties. “The doe was killed near Hillsboro by an archer hunting about 7 miles from the next closest CWD hit discovered on a deer farm in Richland County.”

While Vernon County had zero CWD reports up until now, Richland County has 177 deer that have tested positive for CWD.

“It seems odd that it was such a young deer and a doe; CWD predominantly occurs in bucks. There was no inkling that wild deer was sick. It didn’t show in a 1½-year-old doe,” Matheys said.

According the Wisconsin DNR, “The average turnaround time from when the deer is brought to a sampling station to when the results are available is about 10 days.

The DNR also noted that, “There is currently a nationwide outage of the test kits used for chronic wasting disease. We are working with the laboratory that conducts the CWD tests for Wisconsin hunter-harvested deer to ensure all is being done to keep the turn-around time for results as quickly as possible.”

Hunters whose deer test positive for CWD are encouraged not to eat that venison and discard it and the carcass in a landfill where it will be buried.

Hunters in the Vernon County area can get their deer checked for CWD at the following locations:

Charlie’s Inn, W5104 Hwy. 14/61 near La Crosse, phone: 608-498-5104;

Howling Hollow Taxidermy, S3752 Eckert Lane near Genoa, phone: 608-769-6496;

Kumlin Taxidermy, 300 Main St. in De Soto, phone: 608-648-3696;

Timberland Trophies, 120 Swiggum Road, Westby, phone: 715-743-6406;

Kickapoo Valley Reserve, Hwy. 131 and Cutoff Road near Rockton;

Boaz Country Store, 17190 Hwy. 14, Boaz, phone: 608-536-3730.


Angie Cina is editor of the Vernon County Broadcaster. Contact her at 608-637-5616.

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