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Name: Brent Keenan

What were your reasons for joining the Viroqua Fire Department?: My dad was on the department, so I had been around the department and the members and I wanted to join them and help out the community.

How long have you been a firefighter?: Nine years. I joined in January/February 2009 before I graduated after I turned 18.

What is your occupation?: Funeral director with Vosseteig Funeral Homes

Does your employer allow you to leave work for calls? How do they feel about you belonging to the fire department?: Yes, if we are not busy meeting with a family or holding a service/visitation. Jay understands, as he is a sheriff’s deputy with Vernon County and knows about serving the community a moment’s notice.

Have you gained any experience or knowledge from being on the department that has helped you in your job and personal life?: I have learned about small engines and ladder safety that I have put to use outside of the department. Working on car accidents has also helped me learn about what to do in an emergency in the vehicle.

Is there a particular call or incident that stands out the most in your mind? Why?: The Organic Valley office fire in May 2013. It has been the biggest fire I have worked at. Besides the size of the building, the number of other departments and length of the call has been the greatest fire I have ever fought.

What keeps you on the department?: I enjoy being a member of the department and serving the community in a way not many can. The department is like a brotherhood or a family and it is an honor to be a part of it.

Editor’s note: “Meet a Viroqua Firefighter” will be a feature published occasionally in the Vernon County Broadcaster.


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