The Vernon County Censor

Sept. 5, 1917

100 years ago

A special town meeting is being held in Sterling, today, to vote upon the propositions for funds to replace bridges washed out and damaged in the late flood.

Liquid glass for preserving eggs at O.E. Davis' drug store.

WAR Notes - C.H. Dunn, former editor of the Hillsboro Sentry, is with Canadian troops, together with two sons, all in France. One of the boys, Basil, was overcome by the German gas and has been reported to be in a critical condition.

Group to go to the front on Friday. Swelling with pride they are anxious to be the first soldier to go under conscriptive[sic] call….They are Chauncey M. Morley, George Hauge, Archibald Morrison, Stephen Gyland, LeRoy G. Kuenning, Carter Cutter Newton Farr and Guy H. Smith.

On Friday night's train the county council of defense will send on their way to the front the five percent of Vernon counties quota of troops….The second assignment of men - 40 percent of our number - will go about September 19.

Cashton is having a second drug store, Alfred Erickson will establish it.

We have about two hundred and fifty empty sugar and apple barrels for sale cheap. Call and see, Johnson & Vigdal.

Quick action by a neighborhood pail brigade extinguished a blaze in the tenement house of Guy DeGarmo occupied by Chester Wakeman. Some damage resulted to building and personal effects.

A most sad and pathetic death is that of Mrs. Harvey Jones of Folsom community, two years married, 26 years old, leaving husband and twin babies one month old.

The Vernon County Censor

Sept. 3, 1942

75 years ago

Half of the Vernon county tobacco crop is safely in the sheds.

The women are busy canning what they can with their "war sugar ration."

Nels Volden, 76, was rushed to a La Crosse Hospital with a fractured hip after being struck by a car driven by Roy Seidel, 19, in an unavoidable accident.

A car driven by Frank Zitzner struck a vehicle owned by Clive Nicks that was parked in a road ditch, the Zitzner car skidding across the road. Mrs. Nicks, Mrs. Zitzner and Mrs. Earl Harris received injuries and bruises.

Coon Prairie Church south of Westby celebrates its 90th birthday.

Miss Evelyn Sandberg was set to walk down the aisle with the groom when a telegram arrived saying Ensign Paul Roseland was detained by his duties in the aeronautics department. He requested that his friend, Ensign John Law be allowed to be his proxy. A quick check with the Clerk of Court found it would be legal to marry by proxy.

John Burkhardt, body shop man at Clark's Garage, fell asleep at the wheel and woke to find himself going end over end this side of La Farge. He had a broken nose. His car was badly damaged.

The open house at the new military camp at Camp McCoy brought in about 50,000 visitors. The camp is five miles long, a city built to house 60,000 men, and said to be the largest and finest in the world.

Obituaries: Mrs. Carolyn Lewison 76, Julia Erickson, 72.

Wed: Arlene Christopherson to Norton Ernest, Violet Knutson to Harold Green, Marilyn Potts to William Gibson, and Phyllis Wilson to Jacob Vance.

The Vernon County Broadcaster-Censor

Sept. 7, 1967

50 years ago

Mrs. George Carmack is a patient at Vernon Memorial Hospital with injuries suffered when she fell off a load of hay and was run over by the wagon.

Deaths: Bertha (Morley) Primmer, 88; Ann B. (Mockrud) Stein, 91; Mildred Ada (Appleman) Rumppe, 66; Sadie M. (Ekern) Larson, 80; Edith I. (Hatchett) Turner, 78; Raymond Ivan Bobst, 55; Joseph John Orleff, 55; Conrad Bergoust, 82.

James Bond 007 is laughs all the way in "Casino Royale" at the Temple Theatre in Viroqua through September 12.

Vernon Co-op Creamery patrons accepted the Hiawatha consolidation Thursday night last week 190-25 with 215 votes cast, 100 of them by mail.

Annual tobacco harvest means hard labor in hot fields. The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture expected 8.8 million pounds of tobacco to be harvested this year in the Type 55 area, a decrease over last year and well under the last five-year average.

The Vernon County Broadcaster

Sept. 3, 1992

25 years ago

Tobacco growers in Vernon County were out in force harvesting the tobacco crop because of the Blue Mold epidemic. The fungus had been found in a random pattern with some fields hit hard and others not affected at all.

The cost of providing services needed to deal with juvenile delinquency/abuse had risen sharply which cased a budget deficit of $251,000 for the Human Services Department. The Vernon County Board approved approximately $800,000 to cover the overruns of the HS Department.

The Westby City Council asked the public to comment on how the city could restructure its debt. Westby's financial consultants recommended a number of options but the City Council felt that the public should have a say in the final decision.

The Westby Area Education Association sought arbitration in order to expedite contract negotiations with area teachers. The 96 certified members of the school staff reported to the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission that the teachers union and the board had reached a stalemate.

Viroqua residents approved a 6.6 percent tax increase for the 1992-1993 school budget. The public budget hearing/annual meeting was sparsely attended with only about 100 residents, mostly teachers present.

Native Viroquan Mark Lee was set to go into space on the Endeavor shuttle. His wife, Jan Davis, will also be a crew member. They are the first husband and wife team to go into space together. Many of the experiments on this mission will be in the area of biotechnology which is a specialty of Davis.

The Vernon County Broadcaster

Sept. 6, 2007

10 years ago

News was not available at press time.

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