The Vernon County Censor

Oct. 31, 1917

100 years ago

November tomorrow.

Sleighbells jingle.

Snow drifts four feet high and the beautiful piling up at a rapid rate on Monday morning, is unusual, provoking, disgusting. That’s what this section experienced. Snow fall all day Sunday, more than a foot covering mother earth Monday morning.

Cutters and sleighs were resurrected Monday morning, and what little traffic we have had since has been on runners.

A new daughter came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Peterson.

Wild geese have been winging south the past few days. Pretty good indication that winter is with us to stay.

Increase in postage goes into effect on Friday. Remember, when stamping letters and postals—three cents for letter postage, two cents for postal cards.

The Farmers’ Bank has removed from the Opera house block to its new quarters. The finishing touches have not been made and a line of furnishings is on the road. As soon as things are perfected a formal opening of the new banking institution will be held, in which the public will be invited to participate….

At the postoffice there is a house cleaning and that makes patron’s think of annual spring disturbance at home. The lobby is being decreased in size giving added room for workers behind the screens, new boxes added and other needed betterments made.

Married at LaFarge, October 21, by A.F. Drew, Esq., Mr. Robert H. Bailey and Miss Carrie Peterson, both of that community.

Married at Wood Lutheran church, October 24, by Rev. Melland. Mr. Carl Olson and Miss Victoria Kuchern, both of Greenwood section.

The Vernon County Censor

Nov. 5, 1942

75 years ago

A blackout for Vernon County will be held November 10 at 8:45 p.m. to 9. All lights are to be extinguished after the creamery whistle and fire siren sound short blasts for two minutes. This is a complete blackout. Also no vehicles are allowed to move.

Local merchants advertise “Hats Off to Fighting Marines.”

Mr. & Mrs. Mathias Pederson celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Obituaries: Frederick Groves 87, Susan Gross 89, John Gorman 76, Cornelius Skolos 60.

Viroqua women start making surgical dressings for the Red Cross. Workers must change from street dresses to a wash dress or uniform, preferably with long sleeves, and must wear a covering for their hair. All nail polish must be removed.

The Vernon County Broadcaster-Censor

Nov. 2, 1967

50 years ago

Roger Bjerkaas, police office in Viroqua for 13 months, was appointed Chief of Police Tuesday by Mayor Vic Ellefson. The Council consented to the appointment. Wesley Erickson was hired as the permanent midnight-shift police officer.

There’s toe-tappin’ music in the heart and soul of Haakon Navrestad, Westby. Because he’s so wrapped up in music, two happy generations have grown up going to dances where Haakon has been playing his accordion. He has played in this country for 45 years. “Liv Ute I Finskogen”is his most popular waltz and it means “life in the brush” or rugged living. “Johan Poa Snipper” is probably the best-liked schottische, and “Ping Pong Polka” just about tops that style.

Deaths: Lee Blair Hiles, 55; Clive Ambrose, 70.

“Up the Down Staircase”, starring Sandy Dennis, opens Wednesday at the Temple Theater. “The Sound of Music” with Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews opens a week later, November 15. In Westby, Henry Fonda is starring in “Welcome to Hard Times” with Janice Rule.

Mrs. Diane Warren won the Vernon County Teacher College’s conservation oratory contest last week. She now competes in the district contest Monday at Sparta. For the past four years, VCTC has won the district and then the state titles of the college division. Alternate is Wayne Torgerson of Coon Valley. Others competing at the college contest were Beatrice Dunn, Darlene Ostrem, and Anita Lee.

The Vernon County Broadcaster

Oct. 29, 1992

25 years ago

In its first ever football playoffs, Viroqua High School beat Sparta High School by a score of 39-24. With this win, Viroqua will move ahead to its next opponent Nekoosa High School.

The citizens of Wisconsin will vote Nov. 3 on a proposed amendment to the state constitution. The amendment would give the state legislature the power to reduce residential and agricultural real property taxes. Both supporters and opponents are campaigning vigorously to sway voters to their side.

The Viroqua City Council approved a preliminary budget for 1993 that included a 12.6 percent increase over 1992’s budget. The increase was due to the water and sewage project which will cost more than the grants from the EDA. Also, the city planned to buy two parcels of land now privately owned.

Astronaut Mark Lee presented the Viroqua Eagles membership banner to Orris Peterson who was past president of the state Eagles. Lee had taken the banner with him when he went into space on the Endeavor mission. The banner became the most widely traveled in the state.

Jamey Bina, a Viroqua High School senior, was selected to perform with the state honors orchestra at the Wisconsin School Music Association at UW-Madison. Bina, who played the string bass, had already practiced at the honors camp rehearsals held at Carroll College in Waukesha.

After the new street lights had been put up on Main Street in Viroqua, the office of the Viroqua Revitalization Association (VRA) started receiving frantic phone calls from people complaining that bats were flying around the lights. The VRA then responded that the lights were 15 feet high and no one is that tall so the bats provided no danger.

The Vernon County Broadcaster

Oct. 25, 2007

10 years ago

Two-city support for the multiuse path between Viroqua and Westby will hold a rally on Saturday.

A public meeting was held on Oct. 17 at the Viroqua High School to discuss Dairyland Power’s proposed coal ash landfill. Dairyland officials indicated that the power plant will have more ash to dispose of starting in 2010 due to new federally mandated “scrubber” technology is installed to remove contaminants from its exhaust.

Vernon County Historical Society — by Bonnie Sterling, Judy Gardner, Peg O’Rourke, Irving Leif and Leila Holen


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