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The Vernon County Censor

April 10, 1918

100 years ago

Saturday brought a good drenching rain, which is of great value to the land, hay meadows and seeded crops.

Better be safe than sorry! Trout fishing season does not open until May 1.

Army shoes price, $4.00. The Blue Front Store, Ellefson & Johnson.

Miss Hickock, who has been under quarantine for small pox is again ready to do sewing at her home near the cemetery.

Thompson Brothers are causing an addition to be built unto their roller mill, also erection of a concrete water tank as part of the cooling apparatus for their big kerosene engine.

Oscar Lindevig was in the city to have a grist ground at the mill. He came from beyond Rockton, indicating the extent to which our mill is patronized. Mr. Lindevig told the Censor that he had sold 200 bushels of seed wheat at $3 per bushel. He says that winter wheat and clover were severely injured in his section during the winter.

Save your old automobile plates and leave them at the Clark garage. There is a market for them and each one is worth 10 cents to the Red Cross.

Food administrator Hoover calls upon the American people to cut in half the peace time consumption of wheat bread. In asking every person to restrict himself to one and one-half pounds of wheat flour per week, Hoover pleads patient and loyal sacrifice during the critical months ahead when even more drastic steps may be necessary….Retailers are to limit sales to town customers to a quarter of a barrel at any one purchase.

The Vernon County Censor

April 8, 1943

75 years ago

Bernard Lewison Wins City Mayor Election—Bernard Lewison, local Ford dealer, won over his opponent Fred Rogers with a vote of 524 to 344 in the city mayor race. Mr. Lewison carried all three wards to win and will retain the office for one year, the unexpired term of the deceased Honorable Frank Chase.

Many citizens of Viroqua have expressed a desire to organize a back yard poultry school this spring. Accordingly, there will be a meeting of all such people, both men and women, in the agricultural room of the Viroqua high school next Tuesday night at 8 o’clock. Mr. Power will conduct the class.

Marriages: Elaine Brudos of De Soto and Gerald Sidie of Sparta were married at the West Prairie parsonage on April 4; Jean Verlo and Sgt. Dean Mooney were married at Fresno, Calif., on April 3; Lorraine Morelli of Genoa and Pvt. Gordon L. Sordahl, stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, were married in Viroqua by Rev. H. T. Haagenson.

Local merchants this week are urging every resident to plan and then plant a Victory garden this season. It saves on your rations, it gives more food available to those who can’t plant a garden and it gives more food for the army.

Liberty Pole news: Our local telephone operator, who had an operation for appendicitis two weeks ago has returned to her home and is getting along nicely.

Death: Eltha (Harris) Sanders, at Rochester, Minn.

Bunnies, chickens, ducks and soldier dolls, greeting cards, napkins and egg dye. Towners.

The Vernon County Broadcaster-Censor

April 11, 1968

50 years ago

In 1967 the Farmers Home Administration advanced a total of $1.4 million dollars in loan funds in Vernon County. Currently about 185 farmers in Vernon County are using the supervised credit services of the F. H. A.

Deaths: Otto Schwake, 83; Anton Schye, 89; Harold S. Cowden, 72; Lena (Ellefson) Henry, 71; Mabel (Nelson) Wolfgram, 71; Glen R. Henderson, Sr., 71; Hilda (Rundahl) Berg, 78.

Seven local and youthful spelunkers were inadvertently sealed in the underground cavern near the Park Bowl for a half hour on Friday. They had gone into the crack in the rock under the Park. The previous evening Alderman Mel Fortney had been advised that the cave entrance was open. He asked “Bud” Bekkedal, street commissioner, to come with a crew to close the opening. That crew temporarily pushed a 200-pound rock against the hole. A half hour later they returned to do the job properly, heard yells, and let out seven ‘explorers’. Now the ‘cave” is more completely sealed with cement to keep out intruders.

On Tuesday, April 9, the Viroqua Chapter of Jaycees was officially chartered. The first order of business was the election of officers. They are: President, Joe Sexton; Vice President, Larry Dock; Secretary, Harlan Jensen; Treasurer, Jerome Peterson. These men will serve on the board of directors: Peter Walby, James Graham and Waldo Hink. The first function of the Jaycees will be the operation of the concession stand at Viroqua High School in conjunction with the Loyalty Days, May 3 show.

The Vernon County Broadcaster

April 15, 1993

25 years ago

News not available at press time.

The Vernon County Broadcaster

April 10, 2008

10 years ago

News not available at press time.

Vernon County Historical Society — by Bonnie Sterling, Carol Krogan, Peg O’Rourke, Irving Leif and Leila Holen


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