The Vernon County Censor

Dec. 19, 1917

100 years ago

Christmas shoppers are more numerous than hairs on a rabbit.

Weather of yesterday and today makes us think of tobacco and the hustle and jungle of hard coin that goes with it. It has been growing mild and soft and indications are that there will be sufficient of it to put hanging weed in case.

House of representatives on Monday passed the constitutional prohibition amendment by a decisive vote.

Onions, per bushel $1.45 at Roman's Grocery.

On the seventh instant the beloved wife of L.W. Swain died at their Readstown home. A suitable tribute to her worth and life will appear next week.

Fancy navel oranges, 25c per dozen at Roman's Grocery.

Merchant and Postmaster Allen Halverson of West Prairie, was in the city, yesterday.

War Notes - Hamburg town, although more distinctly German-American than any other section of the county, has sent more men to the service than any other place, except possibly Viroqua.

Cashier John W. Lowe of Chaseburg bank, was among first to be drawn in the government lottery. He declined to ask exemption, but his young wife made such claim and he was exempted. Mrs. Lowe at that time wrote the exemption board that if circumstances shaped themselves she would not press her rightful claim. On a late day she withdrew her request and said she would, with government aid and assistance of her relatives be able to maintain herself and two young children, so that Mr. Lowe will be among those next to go to the front from this county. One of the finest examples of womanly loyalty Wisconsin will be able to produce.

The Vernon County Censor

Dec. 24, 1942

75 years ago

The Viroqua businesses wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

The VHS alumni dance is next Tuesday. Proceeds will go for the purchase of war bonds.

Mr. & Mrs. Arne Larson received word that their son, Carl, had been killed in action. He was in the Navy.

Obituaries: Julius Simpson passes from a heart attack, Mrs. Evelyn Hanson 29, George Kinnear 89, Elizabeth Sordahl 80.

Salvage director VonHaden says Washington is in great need of nylon or silk stockings and fats for war use.

Mrs. L. F. Taylor has collected as many addresses as possible of our service boys from the area and has displayed them for those who wish to send cards or gifts.

Wed: Anna Monson to Harland Peterson, Mary Bolen to Ralph Whistler, Dorothy Schlicht to Earl Henry, Roy Minshall to Vera Plesec.

The Gardner reunion was held at the home of Alvin Gardner and wife. Along with his mother, four sisters and three brothers attended.

The Vernon County Broadcaster-Censor

Dec. 21, 1967

50 years ago

Viroqua's Park Bowl development as a recreation center has been approved for $12,952 in federal LAWCON [Land and Water Conservation] funds, Mayor Vic Ellefson learned last week.

Viroqua's National Guard, soon to be part of a light maintenance company, will have less authorized strength when re-organization is complete. Currently, the Troop is authorized 75 total men and officers. In the future, 52 enlisted men, two officers and one warrant officer will be authorized for a total of 55.

Deaths: Aletta (Stigen) Larson, 84; Shirley Jean Johnson, 18; Mary (Gunderson) Sutherland, 100; John Krogan, 75.

Ten rural mailboxes were damaged, twisted or knocked off their posts Friday night between Viroqua and LaFarge on State 82. The Vernon County Sheriff DeVerne Hokland reports the incidents are under investigation.

Teachers and the Board "heard each other out" Wednesday last week but adjourned amicable when it became apparent they would get no closer toward agreement. On January 4 they will attempt to resolved differences in 1968-69 school year salaries and negotiated agreements. On the major issue, they are about $600 apart on annual salary.

Evelyn Nelson has been hired as the second Vernon County Welfare Homemaker. She succeeds Inez Hagen in the position.

The Vernon County Broadcaster

Dec. 17, 1992

25 years ago

The Viroqua City Council addressed the issues of the hospital expansion, well repairs and the possibility of a north-south through street at its most recent meeting. Vernon Memorial Hospital Foundation President Bud Bekkedal gave a presentation of VMH's plan for the new construction at the Council meeting.

The Viroqua School Board voted to borrow $265,000 for remodeling the existing bus garage to be used for administration offices, building a new bus garage and converting the current district office for classroom space. According to the district's financial consultants, there will be no increase in the debt service tax levy.

The Westby Rod and Gun Club was honored and received the Vernon County Group Wildlife Habitat Development Award. From the early 1920s, the Club has been involved in stocking trout in local streams and the construction of wing dams to control erosion.

Two rural Viroqua children were removed from a Viroqua group home by their mother and not returned at the proscribed time. The mother, May Ripley, and the two children were apprehended and taken into custody by the Las Vegas police department. They were taken into custody due to a Vernon County arrest warrant that had been issues for interference with custody.

Readstown elementary school teacher Nan Alexander was named Vernon County's Conservation Teacher of the Year. The award was given each year to a teacher that emphasized conservation education in her/his curriculum.

Wayne Peters, an organic farmer from Chaseburg, has served as a volunteer member of VOCA (Volunteers for Overseas Cooperative Assistance). He spent two weeks in the country of Estonia helping them set up organic cooperative farms.

The Vernon County Broadcaster

Dec. 20, 2007

10 years ago

Chris Hall, of Genoa, has been commissioned to create a White House ornament. Hall is the education director at Norskedalen Nature and Heritage Center near Coon Valley, and was commissioned to design an ornament by Effigy Mounds National Park. Each park was asked to commission a 9-inch ornament, which depicts the park. Hall was a park ranger at Effigy Mounds Parks and designed the Junior Ranger books. The ornament is located in the Blue Room, which houses the tree which holds the National Park ornaments.

Dairyland Power will explore the Vernon County landfill as an alternative to purchasing 600 acres for the ash landfill. It is reported that the existing landfill would need to be expanded in order to receive the amount of ash that Dairyland is expected to produce.

Please check the deadlines at the Broadcaster office as the holidays are fast approaching.

Deadline for the submission of nomination papers for public office is fast approaching. Circulation of the papers are Dec. 1, 2007 to Jan. 2, 2008.

Vernon County Historical Society — by Bonnie Sterling, Judy Gardner, Peg O’Rourke, Irving Leif and Leila Holen


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