Petition delivery

Randy Skinner, a member of Facing Forward Vernon, delivers signed petitions asking for Fair Maps to Vernon County Clerk Ron Hoff, Sept. 8. A Fair Maps-redistricting resolution is on the Board of Supervisors’ Sept. 19 agenda.

This month, the Vernon County Board of Supervisors is considering a resolution in support of nonpartisan redistricting in Wisconsin.

A resolution about fair maps-redistricting was to be considered at the Vernon County Legal Affairs Committee meeting Sept. 14. Fair Maps-redistricting resolution is also on the Board of Supervisors’ Sept. 19 agenda.

Facing Forward Vernon, a local chapter of Our Wisconsin Revolution, organized a petition drive, and on Sept. 8, delivered 260 signatures of people who signed a petition in support of creating a “nonpartisan procedure for the preparation of Wisconsin legislative and congressional redistricting maps” to Vernon County Clerk Ron Hoff.

“Petitions are still being circulated,” said Leslie Wegenern of Stoddard. “The final push for signatures will be at the Vernon County Fair.”

Wegenern said a nonpartisan process legislation has been introduced in the last two or three sessions, but “stalled out in committee.”

“The Senate has not invited the public to see whether or not it is in support or not,” she said. “The petition lets the Board of Supervisors know we are is support of the resolution.”

Randy Skinner of Viroqua, who delivered the petitions Sept. 8, said it’s a nonpartisan issue that has support on both sides of the aisle.

A new, nonpartisan model has already been introduced in Senate Bill 13 and Assembly 44, but has yet to be given a public hearing.

Petitions were circulated at a variety of community events in the county. According to Wisconsin Democracy Campaign website, as of Aug. 24, 24 counties have passed Fair Maps resolutions.


Angie Cina is editor of the Vernon County Broadcaster. Contact her at 608-637-5616.

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