Every other week residential recycling pick-up was approved by the Viroqua City Council, Tuesday.

Lori Polhamus, city clerk/treasurer, said the city has had a lot of public requests to increase the frequency of recycling pick-up, and Southwest Sanitation “has seen the need.” Pick-up could start the week of Nov. 6. “It could be variable how they start,” she said.

Currently recycling is picked up once a month.

The City Council also approved a rate change for residential recycling. The rate, which appears on water bills, will be $10.05 a month. The current rate is $8.90.

The City Council voted 6-3 to approve a conditional use permit at 126 W. Jefferson St. for an automotive repair and service shop. Alderpersons Mike Bankes, Cyndy Hubbard and Sondra Naxi voted no.

The conditional use permit was approved with the following conditions: All operation of the business must be within the building in such a manner not to produce objectionable odor or undo amount of noise; no outside storage of equipment or parts; no tires, merchandise or parts for sale shall be displayed outside the building; and no outside storage of vehicles.

Polhamus said the application for the conditional use of the property was submitted by the building’s owners, Bette and J. Erik Schoenemann. Kelly Boyd is the applicant who wants to operate the automotive repair and service shop.

Alderpersons also approved the concept of Vikemyr Wangen Properties LLC to purchase industrial park property on Arena Drive across from Well No. 5 to construct side-by-side duplex rental units in two phases.


Angie Cina is editor of the Vernon County Broadcaster. Contact her at 608-637-5616.

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