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Steve Helber, Associated Press

The presidential recount in Vernon County went smoothly, according to county clerk Ron Hoff.

The ballots were recounted Dec. 5 and 6, and the numbers sent to the Wisconsin Election Commission.

Donald Trump gained eight votes, and Hilliary Clinton 19. After the Nov. 8 general election, the total votes for the Trump/Mike Pence ticket were 6,994, compared to 6,351 for Clinton/Tim Kaine.

“The Vernon County touchscreen voting machines were 100 percent perfect,” Hoff said. “The paper ballots was where the changes were. The machines were 100 percent accurate; we unrolled (every one) of those rolls.”

Hoff said the vote changes were in the city of Viroqua. He said the voting machines there kicked out some ballots that had secondary marks that couldn’t be read by the machine, and were then hand counted. Hoff added there was another municipality where two paper ballots were stuck together.

“We had up to 10 people per day helping from 9 to 5, basically,” Hoff said.

The presidential recount was preceded by the 32nd Senate District recount, which was held in Vernon County Nov. 28-30 and Dec. 1.

Hoff said the presidential recount ended in half the time because the Senate recount, which also took place in Crawford, Monroe and La Crosse counties, included the reconciliation of the absentee envelopes and poll books.

“We studied every envelope... and settled any discrepancies,” Hoff said. He added he and the other county clerks thought it would be “ludicrous” to hand count every ballot for the presidential recount.

Wisconsin’s presidential recount ended Monday, resulting in a net gain of 131 votes for President-elect Trump over Clinton, the Wisconsin Elections Commission announced.

The recount resulted in a net increase of 837 ballots for a total of 2.976 million. Clinton and Trump added 1,557 votes to their total.

Trump gained 844 votes from the recount and Clinton gained 713 votes. Trump won the state by 22,748 votes.


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