I don’t write letters to the editor unless I get so frustrated after trying everything else.

I thought since we elected our city council they are supposed to be our voice (the taxpayer) but they are not listening or caring what we want. We have a state-of-the-art library and fire truck without going to a referendum, costing us little people, the taxpayers, millions of dollars for many years to come.

Many people talked to the board members, went to board meetings, trying to get someone to address the problems of people not mowing their yards and taking care of the weeds. Most homeowners take pride in their homes and yards. Then you have some homeowners who say they like the natural environment and don’t believe in using pesticides. Well hello, that’s disgusting. It’s the lazy homeowner who doesn’t mow their yard and the rest of the neighborhood has to look at that mess. We pay our taxes, elect our officials and no one addresses the problem. The taxpayers don’t matter.

The council does what it wants, not what the little people want. I think when it comes time to elect people to the council, the taxpayers need to ask themselves, “what has this council member done for us?” Are they listening to us? Do they care about our concerns? All we want is for people to mow their yards and take care of the weeds. Maybe then we could get rid of some of the skunks, possums and even woodchucks in the city.

Is anyone listening? I don’t think so.

Laura Lavold, Viroqua


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