Why not regulate vehicle ownership?

I have lost track of how many innocent people have been injured, maimed and killed by operators of automobiles. When will automobile manufacturers be held liable for their dangerous products?

How many innocent people need to die or be maimed before we have commonsense legislation for universal background checks and waiting periods for purchases, rentals and operation of automobiles? I believe that as part of the background check, psychological aspects of why you need an automobile and what you’ll do with an automobile, should you be the operator, should be assessed.

How can the public be safe when anyone of legal age can purchase or rent an automobile from a dealership, rental agency, friend or family acquaintance without a universal background check?

Unlike guns or other weapons for self-defense under the Second Amendment of the Constitution, you have no rights to operate an automobile without permission from the state. If your defense to have an automobile is for transportation, or free movement – you have every right to use bipedalism (bipedal locomotion), bicycle, tricycle or the operation of a horse and buggy without permission from the state.

Where are you Sen. Baldwin, Congressman Kind and Sen. Shilling in demanding this simple commonsense legislation to protect your constituents and the greater public good?

Keith Matthews, Viroqua


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