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A Cashton area shooting prompted Westby Area School District to implement safety measures on Friday morning, Jan. 12.

The Westby Area School District implemented precautionary safety measures after administration was informed by law enforcement of a potentially dangerous situation occurring in Cashton.

At approximately 7:35 a.m., Westby Area School District administration was informed of a shooter situation in Cashton. A short time later the district was informed that law enforcement believed they had located the suspect in Juneau County.

In response to the initial information received, Westby administration locked all entrances to its buildings and placed staff members at school entrances to allow students arriving at school to enter safely. Students were directed to rooms, with doors that locked. Announcements were also periodically made over the intercom system informing students and staff arriving as to the status of the situation.

According to Westby Area High School Principal Karl Stoker there did not appear to ever be a direct threat to any students in the Westby Area School District, but the proximity of events caused administration to act.

An informational email was generated so anyone receiving a text message from people inside the school were clear that no one in the Westby district was in any apparent danger.

The Cashton School District cancelled classes for the day.


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