A walk to benefit Lydia Marx was held in Westby last month. The event raised mental health awareness and money to help to send Lydia to the “Child Mind Institute” in New York, where she can undergo intense therapy to help her overcome her social disorder.

Lydia struggles with Selective Mutsim, an anxiety disorder that doesn’t allow Lydia to speak and communicate in social settings where she feels uncomfortable. When Lydia is at home with her family, she can speak and communicate well, but struggles in public.

Lexi Mahan, Lydia’s older sister, is involved in FCCLA and hosted the walk for Lydia as her STAR project event. A portion of the money raised will also be directed toward the Mental Health Association and the Westby School District to educate the staff about Selective Mutism, as well as other mental health disorders.

“We raised over $3,000 and could have not done it without the help of volunteers and generous donations from local businesses and individuals. Thank-you everyone,” Lexi said.