The following accidents were reported by the Vernon County Sheriff’s Department for the week ending Oct. 30.

10-26 James Huffman, of Yuba, was operating a heavy truck (Cab Chassis) west on Hwy. 33, town of Hillsboro. Huffman came to a stop at the beginning of a construction zone, and proceeded to back up to create more space for the construction trucks. Huffman did not see the vehicle behind him, operated by Erin Voltz, of Hillsboro. Huffman backed into the Voltz vehicle. No injuries were reported at the time of the crash.

10-26 Brendan Schieffer, of La Crosse, was traveling west on Hwy. 56, town of Genoa, ran off the right shoulder of the road, overcorrected, and returned to the roadway. Schieffer crossed the centerline, hit the left side shoulder and overcorrected again. Schieffer re-entered the roadway, crossed the centerline, traveled over a steep embankment, through a fence, and came to a rest on its wheels in a pasture. The vehicle became stuck in the mud. Schieffer reported no apparent injuries.

10-30 There were 21 reportable car/deer crashes: Courtney Messer, Westby, on Hwy. 56, town of Liberty; Dakota Meffert, La Farge, on Hwy. SS, town of Webster; Judy Dayton, Boscobel, on Hwy. 14, town of Hamburg; Nicole Miller, Viroqua, on Hwy. 27, town of Franklin; Laura Connelly, Lansing, Iowa, on Hwy. 35, town of Wheatland; Roger Hooker, La Farge, on Hwy. 82, town of Stark; Amos Schrock, Hillsboro, on Warner Avenue, town of Union; Matthew Fencl, Westby, on Nustad Road, town of Viroqua; Brendan Karlstad, Viroqua, on Hwy. 56, town of Viroqua; Linda Emerson, Viroqua, on Hwy. SS, town of Viroqua; Carrie Polster, La Valle, on Hwy. V, town of Greenwood; Sarah Mathison, Chaseburg, on Hwy. KK, town of Hamburg; Robert Shaner, Viroqua, on Hwy. 27, town of Franklin; Quinten Larson, Stoddard, on Mohawk Valley Road, town of Bergen; Barbara Jarrett, Stoddard, on Mohawk Valley Road, town of Bergen; Mary Rice, Boscobel, on Hwy. 14, town of Franklin; Joshua Kolbo, Westby, on Hwy. 14, town of Franklin; Michael Welch, Viroqua, on Hwy. B, town of Jefferson; Sara Martinez, Viroqua, on Hwy. N, town of Sterling; Jerry Crotsenberg, Sr., Hillsboro, on Hwy. C, town of Greenwood; Edmund Nix, La Crosse, on Hwy. 14, town of Kickapoo.


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