The following accidents were reported by the Vernon County Sheriff’s Department for the week ending Sept. 25.

9-18 Rodney Myhre, La Crosse, backed into a post at Kwik Trip in the village of Stoddard. His vehicle was damaged but could be driven. He was not injured.

9-19 Xiaoting Liu, Viroqua, reported the lock was cut off her storage unit in the town of Viroqua. The lock was found inside the storage unit but nothing appeared to be missing.

9-20 Dirk Dannhoff, Stoddard, reported three bird feeders were stolen from his village of Stoddard property.

9-23 Richard Cordero, La Farge, engaged his directional signal and was slowing to make a left-hand turn into an alley on Bird Street in the village of La Farge. Kamala Bierman, La Farge, thought Cordero was parking and went around the left-hand side of his vehicle. Cordero struck the Bierman vehicle as he was turning into the alley. The Cordero vehicle was towed with disabling damage. Cordero suffered possible injuries. The Bierman vehicle sustained functional damage, and Kamala was not injured.

Be aware! School is in full swing as are school related activities. Please remember to use caution when traveling in school zones and obey stop signals on school buses. Help keep Vernon County’s children safe.

9-25 There were three reportable car/deer crashes: Donald Henry, Viroqua, on Hwy. 27, town of Christiana; Dean Daniels, Westby, on Neprud Road, town of Christiana; Karen Fowell, La Farge, on Hwy. 131, town of Liberty.


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