The Westby Area School District Board of Education scheduled a special meeting at 5 p.m., on Tuesday, Aug. 8, in the school district meeting room.

Following a short open meeting compliance members of the board will adjourn into closed session under section 19.85 (1) (c) to consider and take action if appropriate, concerning employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data relating to an administrative contract.

Board President Gerry Roethel said the administrative contract under discussion relates to current District Administrator Chuck Norton and a possible severance package, but could not release any further details.

Roethel said Norton has been on nondisciplinary administrative leave since mid-June, with pay, while negotiations were ongoing between all parties involved. Norton recently returned to work in the Westby District Office.

Norton was placed on administrative leave by Roethel in June. He said the rest of the school board was aware of the decision to place Norton on leave, which he said was in the best interest of everyone involved due to the strenuous nature of ongoing personnel differences between members of the current district administration.

The board will reconvene into open session with any prudent results of the closed session discussion or if a workable agreement is reached during closed session.

Since the Tuesday meeting is past deadline for the Aug. 10 print edition fo the Westby Times the meeting results will be posted online at


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