The Westby Area School District’s Board of Education is reaching out to all District residents in the next few weeks to gather input regarding District operations with a community-wide survey. The District is forecasting a budget shortfall averaging more than $575,000 in each of the next three years and will need to go to referendum to increase revenue to address this need.

The Westby Area School District Board of Education recognizes any potential referendum must reflect the priorities of taxpayers. Therefore, the District is urging all residents to participate in this important district-wide effort as they prepare to make important decisions about the operations of the District.

Over the past 10 years the District has made significant reductions to balance the budget. However, they are concerned what additional cuts will mean to educating our students, retaining quality staff and maintaining facilities.

To assist with data gathering efforts, the School Board is working with School Perceptions LLC, an independent Wisconsin firm with expertise in conducting school district surveys. All survey data is returned to School Perceptions and all information will remain anonymous.

Every household will receive a paper survey in their mail in the coming days. Residents can either complete the paper survey and mail it back to School Perceptions in the envelope provided or log on to the website listed on the survey and take the survey online.

An eight page survey should be arriving in mailboxes during the week of Nov.13. Residents have until Dec. 4 to complete the survey. In the event a residence does not receive a survey, they can simply call the District office at 608-634-0101 for assistance.

“Our schools are a vital part of our community,” shares John Burnett, the Interim District Administrator, “as we make these decisions about our District, the voice of every resident is critical to this process.”

Contact: Gerry Roethel Board President (608) 634-4534 or John Burnett Interim District Administrator (608) 634-0101.