Who’s in jail?

2012-02-25T22:28:00Z 2012-02-26T09:04:51Z Who’s in jail? La Crosse Tribune
February 25, 2012 10:28 pm

A website listing current jail inmates launched April 30, 2009, to keep the community informed about who is locked up. Sheriff Steve Helgeson at the time said he hoped we would be interested.

We were. The site logged 27,746 visits in its first 30 days.

“We track our top sites and it wins every month,” the county’s information technology director John Parshall said.

The jail website drew between 12,000 and 32,000 hits each month last year.

The county’s second most popular website — the land records page — drew between 6,000 and 8,000 visits.

The jail’s website continues to grow, with more than 40,000 visits last month. Some users need to know. Most are just nosy.

And those 24-hour visitors don’t hesitate to call to report an error on the site.

“I don’t know if people sit around in the middle of the night checking the site or what,” jail Sgt. Steve Anderson said.

The list can be accessed by clicking on the “Who’s in Jail” link at www.lacrossecounty.org/sheriff.

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