Details for RVNG CELEBRATIONS - Ad from 2020-06-28

HAPPY Celebrations 102 BIRTHDAY ND on JULY 8th HAZEL PRICE We cannot have a birthday party because of our times. Birthday cards are appreciated and to be sent to: 3141 East Avenue South, #16 La Crosse, WI 54601 Happy 50 anniversary TH JEFF AND ELAINE GEORGE It has been 50 years sInce the “tall dark and handsome genIus” (to quote elaine’s diary) Jeff george marrIed the “lIttle vIxen” (to quote the nuns at xavier elementary) elaIne brueckner on June 26th, 1970 In dyersvIlle, Iowa. elaine would never corroborate the movie-level quality of their love story, but few couples share such a storied romance.the baseball queen married the lifeguard after a years-long friendship that began when elaine appeared in Jeff’s home movies from their first day of kindergarten. together they have three daughters: Jennifer (ken) ericson, katie (gus) ewoldt, libby (Jacob) Parakilas, and 6 grandchildren: Zanna, george,winnie,vivian, leo and Poppy. elaine and Jeff continue to share a love of reading, travel and a good happy hour. Jeff was once asked what he would want his mother to know about him. In a rare tender moment, he replied,“I hope she would recognize how well my life turned out.” Indeed. cheers to 50 years!

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