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In Memory of
March 30, 1985 to February 16, 2020

Michael, we hope
you are free riding
with the angels in
the sky and running
through the field of
dreams with all your
family, friends and
furry pals, too! I bet they are all so happy you
are there. We hope your fears and your pain
have gone away. We hope the angels know
what they have, since you arrived in heaven.
I bet it’s so nice in heaven, since you arrived.
If someone should ask for me,
tell ‘em heaven is where I’ll be.
I’ve finished all my life chores,
and now fish on heaven’s shores.
The view is grand and the fishing’s great,
but I yearn for you as I wait.
I’ll save a spot on the river’s bend,
for all those I call family and friend.
But for now head to the Mississippi
and make a cast in memory,
to all the good times that you had,
with me-your friend, your grandpa…your dad.
And if the fish no longer bite
or seem no longer worth the fight,
‘cause it’s me that you are missin’,
don’t worry-be happy-I’ve gone fishin’..

Lo your family, Paul & Val Martell &
Grandma Ellen Martell & Susie &
John Harter & Marilyn and
Keith Herlitzke


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