Details for LA CROSSE SMOKES4LESS #1 INC - Ad from 2019-10-06

Now 3 Locations! Now 3 Locations! CIGS • CIGARS • PIPES • CHEW • ECIG’S • RYO TOBACCO 4300 Mormon Coulee Road La Crosse, WI Shelby Shopping Center NEW LOCATION NOW OPEN ON THE NORTH SIDE OF LA CROSSE! 608-519-5959 Mon-Sat 9am-9pm; Sun 10am-8pm 1220 Crossing Meadows Onalaska, WI Next to Festival Foods 91 Copeland Ave • La Crosse WI *Next to 608 Brewery* 608-881-6910 Mon-Sat 9am-9pm; Sun 10am-6pm 608-615-1841 Mon-Sat 9am-9pm; Sun 10am-8pm A L E S D & R S E A B L O E T S C O BIG DISCOUNTS up until October 31st on select CBD, E-Cigs, Glass, Flavored Pods, & Juice Bottles. Come in and see for yourself! Lowest Prices on Marlboro Reds in the Area 7.53 $ Per Pack + tax Prices subject to change. 2.00 Off $ 10% Off Any Purchase $ 70 or More Large Selections of Fine Cigars (Limit One Per Customer) (Throughout the month of October.) We have a large selection of E Cig juice bottles on clearance! HUGE SAVINGS! With this coupon • Expires: 10/20/2019 15% Off 1.00 Off $ 1.00 Off $ Any Stokers and/or Long Horn Tubs of Chew Limit One Per Customer of Any 1lb. Bag Of RYO Tobacco (No Limit) (No Limit) With this coupon • Expires: 10/20/2019 With this coupon • Expires: 10/20/2019 With this coupon • Expires: 10/20/2019 Any Clothing Item (Must Present This Coupon) 1.00 Off 3.00 Off 1.00 Off $ $ Any Smoke Odor Candle, or Spray. of Any Purchase of $100 or More Any Purchase of $35 or More With this coupon • Expires: 10/20/2019 With this coupon • Expires: 10/20/2019 With this coupon • Expires 10/20/2019 (No Limit) $ (Limit One Per Customer) (Limit One Per Customer) ATTENTION E-CIG CUSTOMERS: BE SURE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR NEW 5 STAR REWARDS PROGRAM (BEST DEALS IN LA CROSSE COUNTY)

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