Details for NORSKEDALEN - Ad from 2020-06-28

Happenings at Norskedalen: Norskedalen’s trails are open! Norskedalen’s Visitors’ Center will be open soon! Please call us for the most up-to-date details of the best way to get through or around construction areas, and to make a reservation for your visit. We’ve got some great new things for you to do outside at Norskedalen! New Exhibits opening in July! These exhibits are in development and expected to be available as early as the July 4th weekend. Please call ahead for details. Moving History! An audio tour of the Historic Bekkum Homestead, you will hear the stories told by the volunteers themselves of how they moved and preserved all the buildings in the Homestead! Norskegram Search the grounds of Norskedalen to find something that represents thematic ideas. Use your camera or phone to take a picture of each concept and post your findings to our Facebook page! Themes may center around Art, Travel, Economy, Innovation, Practicality, Culture, Tradition, Nature, Architecture. Join us for Norskegram and see how creative you can be!! Troll Trail Scavenger Hunt When you make your reservation, ask for Troll Trail clues to be included in your visit! Then head out on the Troll Trail itself, over the bridges, through the homestead and into the forest. See if you’re able to find all the Trolls and Nisse hiding along the trail! Pine Loop Experience This beloved trail through century-old pine trees is one of the most scenic natural areas that Norskedalen has to offer. Ask for the Pine Loop Guide when you make your reservation, and use it for information about the unique plants and animals found in a variety of ecosystems on this trail. This hike is sure to leave you feeling more connected to nature! Call Norskedalen for details on any of our upcoming programs and events! 608-452-3424

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