Details for TRANE TECHNOLOGIES - Ad from 2022-01-09

ElEctricians Highly skilled position that may involve installing, maintaining, and troubleshoot equipment such as CNC machinery and facility-related equipment, with boiler and HVAC experience as a plus. Troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair PLC/CNC controlled equipment such as FANUC, Allen-Bradley, and Siemens. CNC diagnostic and repair experience desired. MEchanics Highly skilled position that may involve troubleshooting,installing,maintaining, and aligning production machinery and equipment, welding, piping, repair of hydraulic and pneumatic powered and controlled equipment, industrial truck repair and precision machinery. ElEctroMEchanical tEchnicians Install, troubleshoot, and maintain a variety of electrical equipment, including power and control wiring, motors, controls, electronic devices, and building electrical maintenance. Install and maintain electronic, analog, digital, and hybrid machines. Troubleshoot sophisticated electronic control systems. Requires strong aptitude and experience in performing machine and mechanical repair. CNC diagnostic and repair experience desired. BoilEr opErator tEst cErtifiEd A Boiler Operator operates and maintains multiple boilers and associated equipment within the Trane La Crosse Campus. It is a skilled position, which involves operating and maintaining the steam plants on campus, to include multiple steam traps and condensate stations that are scattered across campus. Diagnosis and repair of components, adjusting water chemicals to maintain the required water chemistry, and repairs to the boiler controls are all required skills. MaintEnancE criB attEndant Maintenance Crib Attendant will order parts and maintain inventory. This individual will also write purchase requests and is responsible for receiving of the ordered parts. Need to be able to communicate with multiple vendors and suppliers at the same time. Need to be able to translate what the technicians need with appropriate suppliers. tool rooM Machinist Candidates must be competent in a Tool Room and production environment, work within a team and demonstrate strong organizational skills. Responsibilities include building and repairing tools, jigs, fixtures, parts and machinery; setting up and operating tool room machines to specified tolerances; and utilizing machinist hand and power tools. Both CNC machining experience and experience in tool and cutter grinding is desirable. Applicants must be able to read and interpret blueprints and be capable of performing quality work in a safe manner. All positions require high school diploma or GED. Journeyman or Associate degree and 2 years trade-related work experience in industrial setting preferred. *Must be willing to work any shift.* apply online today!