Details for CATHOLIC ORDER OF FORESTERS - Ad from 2019-06-09

HIGH FIVE YOUR RETIREMENT! Make the move to a Catholic Order of Foresters (COF) Advantage Plus Single Premium Deferred Annuity. Your current IRA, 401(k), 403(b), bank CD, Profit Sharing Plan or pension can earn up to 5.0% using 1 a tax-advantaged trustee to trustee transfer or rollover.2 Guaranteed first year interest based on your annuity’s opening balance. Opening Balance Guaranteed First Year Interest Rate3 $5,000 – $24,999 $25,000 – $100,000+ Plus, experience safety and preservation of principal and flexible withdrawal options,3 including lifetime income.4 2.0% 5.0% 5 1 Contact your COF Agent Roger Klein 800-985-5036 Bonus interest rate of 5.0% is guaranteed for first year. Rated based on single premium made between 5/1/19 and 7/13/19. Rate may change after first year but will never fall below the 1.65% guaranteed rate. 2Neither COF nor its agents provide tax advice. Consult a professional regarding your situation. 3Withdrawal or surrender may trigger charges or penalities. Contact your COF Agent for details. Withdrawals before age 59½ may be subject to IRS penalties. 4Subject to payment option selected. 5Quoted rate guaranteed for one year for premium made prior to 6/30/19. Rate may change after first year but will never fall below the 1.65% guaranteed rate. 1 BRINGING CATHOLIC VALUES TO LIFE A CATHOLIC FRATERNAL BENEFIT LIFE INSURANCE SOCIETY SINCE 1883 355 Shuman Boulevard, PO Box 3012, Naperville, IL 60566-7012 800-552-0145 | | 19-01-009D-4 RK1458 (5/19)

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