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Donald Trump promised to raise wages and to protect us.


A man’s word is his bond. But President Trump has broken the
promise he made four years ago to improve the lives of working

Don’t be fooled. This Administration is focused solely on the
interests of well-financed elites and has left working-class
Americans in the dust.

President Trump and his appointees at the US Department of
Labor are making it easier for employers to cheat workers
out of fair wages, overtime, unemployment benefits, workers’
compensation and other workplace protections.1 The President
has jeopardized workforce development, workplace safety
and economic growth across the country by lowering training
standards meant to protect workers and increase take home
pay.2 These reckless attacks have been especially devastating
for those essential workers charged with building and preserving
our nation’s roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and utilities. If the
President is going to do this to essential workers, what do you
think he will do for you?

At North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU), we pride
ourselves on working with both political parties. We hold our
elected officials to their word, especially when they promise to
improve the lives of workingAmericans.At every turn,the President
has failed our hardworking members in the construction industry,
all frontline essential workers and, indeed, the entire nation.
Donald Trump has not lived up to his words. After four years
of broken promises and the Administration’s War on the Middle
Class – WE’VE HAD IT.
— Sean McGarvey
President, North America’s Building Trades Unions

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Check the Facts:
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