Details for ELITE HEARING CENTERS - Ad from 2021-04-05

AIDS HEARING O ARE TO E EXPENSIV I ONLY HAVE TROUBLE IN NOISY ENVIRONMENT S G N I R A E H LOSS HEARING A DON’T W IDS ORK EVERYONE MUMBLES IT’S TIME TO CONFRONT THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM... EVOLUTION TRY THE FOR 30 DA DAYS ABSOLUTELY FREE INVISIBLE RECHARGEAB LE AT OUR 5 DAY SPECIAL EVENT MONDAY, APRIL 12 – FRIDAY, APRIL 16 NO COST! NO OBLIGATION! WE ALSO PROVIDE THESE FREE SERVICES Real Ear Measurements allow the clinician to measure and record the patient’s hearing aids’ performance while they are actually being worn. FREE HEARING AID CHECK UP It is important to have your hearing checked at least once a year. Our Video Otoscope can detect if ear wax may be the reason you are experiencing hearing difficulty. FREE FREE HEARING EXAM & CONSULTATION! NO OBLIGATION! VIDEO EAR SCAN MAKES SURE IT’S NOT EAR WAX OTHER DIGITAL SPECIALS LOWEST COST DIGITAL HEARING AIDS ANYWHERE 100% Digital ITE (In-the-Ear) WAS $795 NOW 295 each 100% Digital Open-Fit BTE (Behind-the-Ear) (Behind-t 100% Digital CIC (Completely-in-Canal) 100% Micro CIC (Completely-in-Canal) WAS $795 W WAS $995 WAS $1995 NOW 295 each $ NOW 395 each $ NOW 595 each $ ns catio All loC Covid CD pliant Com Ove Loca r 50 Natio tions nwid e! OPEN NOW NOW: ONALAsKA 608-519-0017 515 2nd Ave south (North of Kwik Trip, Next to Elite Nutrition / Across from Fossum Funeral Home) miLWAuKEE 414-475-5809 2505 N mayfair rD ste 104 (Across from Mayfair Mall) EAst mADisON 608-230-5589 4237 Lien road, ste J (Across from Target Next to 007 Nails) mADisON 608-833-8484 7432 miNErAL POiNt rD Across from West Towne Mall - Near Pizza Hut WE’vE mOvED! OCONOmOWOC OAK CrEEK mArKEt PLACE & PABst FArms 414-764-8888 262-567-7639 7820 s howell Avenue 1370 PABst FArms (US Cellular Plaza, CirCLE, stE 330 Across from Culvers) (Next to Starbucks, across from Metro Grocery Store) JANEsviLLE 608-758-2200 1615 Center Avenue (In Midway Center) OshKOsh 920-232-1010 1730 Algoma Blvd ste C (Across from Jacobson Auto/Corner of Murdock and Algoma) SOUTH CAROLINA LICENSE NUMBERS: HTP-1029, HTP-1024, HTP-1031, HTP-1023, HAS-0573, HAS-0642, HAS-0637, HAS- 0638, HAS-0633 $ WAtErtOWN 920-261-7024 123 hospital Drive ste 112 (Lower Level Medical Bldg next to Hospital) WAuKEshA 262-547-2227 N4W22370 Bluemound road ste 202A (Across from Marshal Auto Body) FrANKLiN 414-761-2700 8217 s 27th street (Next to Wis Vision) WEst BEND 262-429-1284 1755 W Paradise Drive ste 103 (Next to Hampton Inn) BrOOKFiELD 262-782-3004 15280 W. Bluemound road Elm Grove, Wi 53122 (Next to Culvers and Firehouse Subs) mENOmONEE FALLs 262-764-4290 N81 W15000 W Appleton Ave. Appleton - Just South of Piggly Wiggly GEORGIA LICENSE NUMBERS: HADS000995, HADS000996, HADS001001, HADS001003

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