Details for ELITE HEARING CENTERS - Ad from 2021-06-06

5-DAY SPECIAL EVENT Monday, June 7th - Friday, June 11th TRY THE FOR 30 DAYS ABSOLUTELY FREE! RECHARGEABLE REMOTE PROGRAMMING Tunes and adjusts your hearing aids remotely! Charges and cleans itself daily! Remote Link to a professional hearing care specialist. Resolve issues quickly for better hearing! A fast charging option with a drying and cleaning function. DIRECT STREAMING REMOTE PROGRAMMING Connect your Widex hearing aids with smartphones and other devices! Directly control your hearing aid with a smartphone app! Discreetly change hearing programs and adjust the volume from a smartphone without the need for other hardware. Provides easy, carefree direct streaming of phone calls, television, and music! WE FIT & SERVICE THESE BRANDS OTHER DIGITAL SPECIALS 100% Digital ITE (In-the-Ear) WAS $795 100% Digital Open-Fit BTE (Behind-t (Behind-the-Ear) 100% Digital CIC (Completely-in-Canal) Fits up to 40db loss 100% Micro CIC (Completely-in-Canal) WAS $995 W WAS $995 WAS $1995 Fits up to 40d 40db loss NOW 295 each NOW 295 each $ LOWEST COST DIGITAL HEARING AIDS ANYWHERE Fits up to 40db loss NOW 395 each $ NOW 595 each $ ns catio id o l l l A C Cov CD pliant Com Ove Loca r 50 Natio tions nwid e! OPEN NOW NOW: ONALAsKA 608-519-0017 515 2nd Ave south (North of Kwik Trip, Next to Elite Nutrition / Across from Fossum Funeral Home) miLWAuKEE 414-475-5809 2505 N mayfair rD ste 104 (Across from Mayfair Mall) EAst mADisON 608-230-5589 4237 Lien road, ste J (Across from Target Next to 007 Nails) WE’vE mOvED! OAK CrEEK 414-764-8888 7820 s howell Avenue (US Cellular Plaza, Across from Culvers) mADisON 608-833-8484 7432 miNErAL POiNt rD Across from West Towne Mall - Near Pizza Hut WE’vE mOvED! JANEsviLLE 608-758-2200 1615 Center Avenue (In Midway Center) $ WAtErtOWN 920-261-7024 123 hospital Drive ste 112 (Lower Level Medical Bldg next to Hospital) FrANKLiN 414-761-2700 8217 s 27th street (Next to Wis Vision) BrOOKFiELD 262-782-3004 15280 W. Bluemound road Elm Grove, Wi 53122 (Next to Culvers and Firehouse Subs) NOW OPEN! OCONOmOWOC mArKEt PLACE & PABst FArms 262-567-7639 1370 PABst FArms CirCLE, stE 330 (Next to Starbucks, across from Metro Grocery Store) OshKOsh 920-232-1010 1730 Algoma Blvd ste C (Across from Jacobson Auto/Corner of Murdock and Algoma) SOUTH CAROLINA LICENSE NUMBERS: HTP-1029, HTP-1024, HTP-1031, HTP-1023, HAS-0573, HAS-0642, HAS-0637, HAS- 0638, HAS-0633 WAuKEshA 262-547-2227 N4W22370 Bluemound road ste 202A (Across from Marshal Auto Body) WEst BEND 262-429-1284 1755 W Paradise Drive ste 103 (Next to Hampton Inn) mENOmONEE FALLs 262-764-4290 N81 W15000 W Appleton Ave. Appleton - Just South of Piggly Wiggly GEORGIA LICENSE NUMBERS: HADS000995, HADS000996, HADS001001, HADS001003