Details for ELITE HEARING CENTERS - Ad from 2022-06-13

INTRODUCING Audéo Life The World's First WATERPROOF & RECHARGEABLE Hearing Aid! WATERPROOF TRY F OR ABSO 30 DAYS LUTE LY SHOWERPROOF FREE ! SWEATPROOF CAN YOUR HEARING AID DO THIS? The Award Winning Platform just got BETTER! Buy 1 Audéo Life Get a 2nd for FREE! Offer expires Friday, June 24th RECHARGEABLE REMOTE PROGRAMMING Includes a new induction charger called the Phonak Charger Case Go™. The hearing aids are magnetically held into place for hasslefree charging with a built-in battery supply that can help the hearing aids last 3 days before needing to be plugged into an outlet. Connect remotely to an Audiologist or Hearing Aid Specialist to adjust them ANYWHERE. NO MORE OFFICE VISITS! DIRECT STREAMING SMART PHONE APP Total control with your smartphone. Adjust your hearing aids for any environment with your smartphone. Connect your Phonak Hearing Aid directly to your TV, Smartphone, and Other devices. OTHER DIGITAL SPECIALS LOWEST COST DIGITAL HEARING AIDS ANYWHERE 100% Digital ITE (In-the-Ear) 100% Digital CIC (Completely-in-Canal) 100% Micro CIC (Completely-in-Canal) Fits up to 40db loss Fits up to 40db loss WAS $995 W WAS $995 WAS $1995 Fits up to 40d 40db loss Fits up to 40db loss WAS $795 100% Digital Open-Fit BTE (Behind-the-Ear) (Behind-t NOW 395 each NOW 395 each $ Authorized NOW 495 each $ Dealer Elite Hearing Centerss of America Rated $ EAST MADISON 608-230-5589 4237 Lien Road, Ste J (Across from Target Next to 007 Nails) MADISON 608-833-8484 7432 MINERAL POINT RD Across from West Towne Mall - Near Pizza Hut ALL LOCATIONS CDC COVID COMPLIANT JANESVILLE 608-758-2200 1615 Center Avenue (In Midway Center) NEW LOCATION OSHKOSH OCONOMOWOC MILWAUKEE OAK CREEK 920-232-1010 MARKET PLACE & PABST FARMS 414-475-5809 414-764-8888 1954 SOUTH KOELLER 262-567-7639 2505 N Mayfair RD STREET 1370 PABST FARMS 7820 S Howell Avenue Ste 104 CIRCLE, STE 330 (In Target Plaza (US Cellular Plaza, Across (Across from (Next toHTP-1023, Starbucks, acrossHAS-0642, from HAS-0637, SOUTH CAROLINA LICENSE NUMBERS: HTP-1029, HTP-1024, HTP-1031, HAS-0573, 0638,‘nHAS-0633 NextHASto Pick Save) from Culvers) Mayfair Mall) Metro Grocery Store) SOUTH CAROLINA LICENSE NUMBERS: HTP-1029, HTP-1024, HTP-1031, HTP-1023, HAS-0573, HAS-0642, HAS-0637, HAS- 0638, HAS-0633 $ OUR PROFESSIONAL STAFF OF DOCTORS OF AUDIOLOGY & LICENSED HEARING AID SPECIALISTS OVER 50 LOCATION NATIONW S IDE! OPEN NOW: ONALASKA 608-519-0017 515 2nd Ave South (North of Kwik Trip, Next to Elite Nutrition / Across from Fossum Funeral Home) NOW 595 each WATERTOWN 920-261-7024 123 Hospital Drive Ste 112 (Lower Level Medical Bldg next to Hospital) FRANKLIN 414-761-2700 8217 S 27th Street (Next to Wis Vision) BROOKFIELD 262-782-3004 15280 W. Bluemound Road Elm Grove, WI 53122 (Next to Culvers and Firehouse Subs) MENOMONEE FALLS WAUKESHA WEST BEND 262-764-4290 262-547-2227 262-429-1284 N4W22370 Bluemound N81 W15000 W 1755 W Paradise Road Ste 202A Appleton Ave. Drive Ste 103 (Across from Marshal Appleton - Just South of GEORGIA LICENSE NUMBERS: HADS000995, HADS000996, (Next to Hampton Inn) HADS001001, HADS001003 Auto Body) Piggly Wiggly GEORGIA LICENSE NUMBERS: HADS000995, HADS000996, HADS001001, HADS001003