Details for BETHANY LUTHERAN HOMES, INC - Ad from 2020-02-13

S E N I O R A PA RT M E N T S . T R A D I T I O N A L A S S I S T E D L I V I N G . M E M O RY C A R E . Tuesday, February 18th 2:00pm Eagle Crest South Auditorium MEDICATION SAFETY 622 Bennora Lee Court Kassandra Kollauf, PharmD La Crosse, WI will discuss how as we age, EAGLE CREST SOUTH IS EXPANDING Tour our dynamic community, ask questions and learn about your opportunity to join our growing family and live the Eagle Crest Life! ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS NOW Opening February of 2020 many changes occur naturally in the body, affecting how medications work. There are certain medications that can lead to increased side effects and potentially lead to falls. We will discuss which drug classes are the biggest culprits, and how to manage unwanted side effects. We will also discuss strategies for safely documenting, storing and disposing of medications properly. Bring your own stock of medications as we work on creating an updated medication list and discuss common misconceptions in reading medication labels. We will focus on identifying strategies to taking your medications correctly and safely to improve your overall health. RSVP TO HEATHER AT 608.791.2709 OR HEDGINGTON@EAGLECRESTLIFE.ORG

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