Details for LEAFGUARD - ANDREW LARSON - Ad from 2020-03-22

How Dr. EnErgY SavEr HELpS in tHE Summer • Your home won’t be as humid in the summer It’s the opposite problem as in the winter. When you have too much outside air leaking in, your house gets humid, which makes you feel warmer at ta given temperature than if there was less humidity in the air. That’s because when hot humid summer air leaks in and you cool it, you raise the relative humidity unless you take the water out. This also gives your air conditioning system more work to do since humid air is harder to cool than dry air at the same temperature. So if we slow the air leakage rate of the whole house, we lower is moisture load in the summer • Your home will be less dusty There’s dust in the outside air. So when we limit the amount of air leakage in the house, we have a cleaner house. • Less indoor allergens Pollen comes from outside. When we limit the amount of outside air coming into the house, we reduce pollen inside. Great news for allergy sufferers! And by reducing humidity, your home is less hospitable for dust mites, whose droppings are the number one indoor allergen. 50% OFF Installation labor on Dr. Energy Saver Insulation. Expires 03/31/2020. 608-519-4701

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