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PROVIA ENTRY DOORS Entry & Sidelite Single Entry Entry – 2 Sidelites Double Entry REPLACING ENTRY DOORS Replacing an entry door is one of the simpler projects although proper installation requires a skilled craftsman. Making a final decision takes a bit of time because of a nearly unlimited choice of styles, color, and glass options. We’ve all been told the importance of making a good first impression and the front entry is usually the “first impression” visitors have of our home. So, what do we need to know? There are three primary components of a new door assembly, typically designated a pre-hung door. The assembly is made up of jamb (the frame that holds the door), the slab which is the actual door, and the hardware (handle and deadbolt). There are several determinations that must be made to ensure the right jamb is ordered. The jamb thickness is the wall depth that the door is designed to fit. “Standard size” door jambs are often not the best solution due to modifications that have been made to the home since the original door was installed. Exterior and/or interior modifications may have altered the wall thickness so a standard jamb won’t work. Changes in flooring may mean that a standard door will drag unless the installer cuts into the header to raise the door. Quality door manufacturers like ProVia offer customizing to ensure the new door will fit and operate as it is intended to. The actual doors (door slabs) most common today are steel and fiberglass. Steel doors have been the choice of most builders for decades because lumber yard grade doors are inexpensive and readily available. Premium quality entry doors provide increased safety, quality, and design. Lumber yard doors are typically 26 or 24 gauge steel while premium doors are 20 gauge. That provides a thicker skin (nearly 50% more steel) and greater durability. Steel doors may be smooth or embossed with a woodgrain and are prefinished in a large selection of stain or paint colors. Fiberglass doors offer similar durability and the appearance of a real wood door without the maintenance. The Embarq door from ProVia is a thicker door providing energy efficiency not found elsewhere. Fiberglass doors are likewise available in a wide selection of colors and stains and the appearance of different wood species. The interior and exterior of the door can be finished differently if that is what best fits the home. Glass in entry doors is available in high performance insulated glass and an amazing selection of decorative glass. Door hardware is available in various styles and finishes to compliment the door and the home. As with all home improvements, getting the desired performance from a new entry door requires proper installation. The Board Store has earned the status of a ProVia Platinum dealer having sold and installed their doors for eighteen years and invested in factory training and certification for our carpenters. The Board Store is an approved dealer for Provia patio doors, replacement windows, and siding as well as entry doors. Miles Wilkins Owner “I have worked with them before. They are known for great service, integrity, and scheduling. They kept me informed the whole way. I am extremely happy and will use them again.” Dianne S. – Sparta What they say... “I must just have the best front and back doors in town. Not cheap but amazing quality and well worth it!” Curt G. – Viroqua The Board Store Locally Owned Veteran Owned Home Improvements 524 Copeland Ave. | La Crosse, WI 54603 608-782-8877 Licensed in WI: #1612 and Minnesota #BC039847 Hours: Monday - Friday 8-6 8-68-4 M-F 8-6; Sat. 8-4 Saturday Sunday Closed

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