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“THANKYOU” TIME! It’s important to pause occasionally and be thankful for what we have. In a broader sense, we can be thankful that we live in America where we enjoy so much freedom and opportunity. In our personal lives, we can look past the challenges of the moment to our blessings. The greatest of these are the people who touch our lives in a special way….children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents, and good friends. Sometimes it is people we hardly know whose words or acts of kindness reach our hearts. We must remember to tell them – to thank them with words or a card. I think we ought to do that in business as well. With so many “mega-businesses” today, business is just a series of cold transactions. We feel a bit different at The Board Store. We look at business as a series of relationships. Some are a single meeting, but many are relationships that go on for years, for decades. Just recently, I received a delightful card from a lady regarding this column and she ended by saying she purchased her first automatic washer from me (that would be over 43 years ago when I was sales person at Midwest Appliance). Good business is about trusting relationships. It’s about friendships between ordinary people working toward mutual benefit. So…today I speak for the entire Board Store team when I say “Thank You”. Providing exceptional value and selection is the best thank you we can offer. Stop in our showrooms soon or call for a free estimate. Thanks, Miles Wilkins Owner Replacement Windows 7 Reasons To Buy Now 1. Your home will be warmer. 2. Your home will be quieter. 3. Your energy bills will be lower. 4. Your windows will be easy to clean. 5. Your windows will be easy to operate. 6. Your home will look better inside and out. 7. You will get the most for your money when you invest now. The Board Store Locally Owned Veteran Owned Home Improvements 524 Copeland Ave. | La Crosse, WI 54603 608-782-8877 Licensed in WI: #1612 and Minnesota #BC039847 Hours: Monday - Friday 8-6 8-68-4 M-F 8-6; Sat. 8-4 Saturday Sunday Closed

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