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Cranky WindoWs There was a time when windows with cranks (casement windows and awning windows) were virtually unheard of in residential homes. The classic double hung and picture windows were the mainstay with occasional hinged in-swing windows on porches. These were the forerunner of modern casement windows. Windows were single glass with storm windows for efficiency. When I first became involved in the replacement window industry in the 1980’s, custom size replacement windows were just gaining popularity because they allowed homeowners to install new windows that were more efficient, easier to operate and easier to clean without disrupting the classic woodwork or the homes exterior.This is still done today with even more options for efficiency, style and color. It was during this era that two new styles of window became commonplace in new construction. Slider windows were used extensively, especially in entry level homes, because they were the cheapest way to get the most glass. Casement windows became popular in better built homes because they were more efficient, operated with ease, and could be combined in multiple units for design flexibility.They were also appealing because they eliminated storm windows which were traditionally used with double hungs and sliders.Casement windows delighted homeowners because they simply unlocked them and cranked them open to allow as much or as little ventilation as desired. When closed and locked, they were the most efficient of all operable windows used in residential construction. It’s sometimes hard to think that “new windows” installed while I have been active in the business are now old windows, 30 years old or more. Many of those older casements that once cranked open with ease are now a big challenge or even impossible to operate. Wood has swollen or decayed, gears are worn, handles broken, and owners are “cranky” and frustrated. Sadly, we have homeowners come to us with similar problems with windows that are less than ten years old. Some problems due to excessive moisture causing mold and rot, some because the hardware was inadequate for the size of the window, and some simply because the window was poorly manufactured in the beginning. My belief is that no homeowner should be stuck with windows that make them cranky whether their windows crank out (casement/awning), go up and down (double hung) or back and forth (sliders). There are solutions (of course there are and that’s why I have this space to tell you). The good news, as I mentioned earlier, is that all the windows we offer are made to fit. No remodeling required and you can even change the style in your existing opening. Replace sliders with casements or a picture unit with a bay or bow. Windows are more efficient than ever before and come with more options, interior and exterior colors and woodgrains, specialty glass and they will never rot or require painting or refinishing. Oh, and they are really easy to clean. My invitation......Come and see what’s available in our showroom and then arrange for one of our team to visit your home or, just call and we can arrange for a visit to your home. When you choose windows from The Board Store you can relax with the peace of mind that comes with knowing all installations are completed by our experienced installers and covered by a ten year workmanship guarantee.Thanks for reading. Miles doUBLE HUnG sLidErs CasEmEnts Bay windows Bow windows awninG windows Windows | Doors | Sunrooms | Screenrooms | Siding | Soffit & Fascia | Decks | Kitchens | Bath Remodels | Flooring | Lifts The Board Store Locally Owned Veteran Owned Home Improvements 524 Copeland Ave. | La Crosse, WI 54603 608-782-8877 Licensed in WI: #1612 and Minnesota #BC039847 Hours: Monday - Friday 8-6 8-68-4 M-F 8-6; Sat. 8-4 Saturday Sunday Closed

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