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Better Bathing
I have gray hair (the little that’s left) and I am more mature
now so I see lots of promotions for “Walk-in-tubs”. Fact is, lots
of manufacturers recognize that a lot of my “mature” peers have
some difficulty getting in and out of their bath tub. Some simply
cannot step in or out even if their choice is just to shower rather
than have a bath. I see lots of ads in the paper, on TV and online
appealing to those who cannot access the tub or do not feel safe doing so. What I have
discovered in visiting with lots of folks in the last year is that the walk-in-tub salesperson often
has more training and interest in “making the sale” than training and interest in providing
the best possible bathroom solution for you. It’s easy to fall prey to the presentation that
romances the walk-in-tub experience. I did myself at first.
Before I go further I want to assure you that The Board Store does install walk-in-tubs and,
like all of our bathroom installations, plumbing is installed by a licensed plumber on site.
We offer walk-in-tubs from Jacuzzi, American Standard, and Rane. Because of some of the
explanation that follows, my very sincere advice is – NEVER PURCHASE A WALK-IN-TUB
UNTIL YOU HAVE SAT IN IT. Like a new car, drive before you buy. You must see if you can
enter and exit safely and with ease. You must see if there is room in the tub for you to fit
comfortably. The stories I hear make clear that failure to test drive the walk-in-tub you choose
greatly increases the potential for a costly disappointment.
So, I have touched base on the obvious. How accessible will the tub be for you really? Most
walk-in-tubs have a small door – you must step up, maneuver in, and then turn around and
sit and then reverse this process when getting out. Even the lowest tub requires a step up.
Can you do it with ease? Will you be able to in 2 years – 5 years – 10 years?
Once you are in (naked) you have to wait for the tub to fill – anywhere from 2 or 3 minutes
up to 10 minutes. Unlike the traditional tub experience – the water is only midway up your
chest. If you were imagining the warm water and hydro therapy caressing your neck and
shoulders – not going to happen. Then there’s getting out – sitting in the tub (naked and wet)
while you wait for the tub to drain. If you are aware and prepared for all of this – a walk-in-tub
may be a great solution for you. I am simply suggesting that you make the investment fully
A side note: Many of the folks we visit with who come in looking at walk-in-tubs have not
taken a bath in years. They favor a shower experience but can’t safely maneuver in their current
bathroom. If this is you, a far safer (and usually less expensive) solution is a barrier free shower.
If you want to sit we’ll add a seat. You can get some of the “hydrotherapy” experience with
some of the new shower heads. Whatever the future brings up to and including a wheelchair
you will be fine – and safe. Attractive – Easy to care for – no motor or pump to worry about.
Whatever your bathroom needs – a shower, tub or walk-in-tub (usually completed in about
a day) or a complete renovation – flooring, vanity, sink, stool, etc – our staff is ready to help
with the plan and our certified installers and plumber make certain the project is completed
quickly and correctly. Visit our showrooms to see many options that could work for you.
Miles Wilkins

12 Mos.
No PayMeNts
No INterest*
*Subject to qualifying credit approval -- interest
accrues at an assumed rate of 17.99%, during
promotional period but is waived if paid in full
with 12 months.


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