Details for HOUSTON COUNTY ENVIRONMENTAL S - Ad from 2020-07-26

Houston County HouseHold Hazardous waste ColleCtion august 8th from 9 am to 4 pm 830 townhall rd, la Crescent • Free disposal of qualifying household paint. Accepted from households in containers one gallon or smaller. • Free disposal of qualifying residential or agricultural chemicals. Limit of 200 lbs. per household. • See complete list of accepted items below. • No ewaste, used oil, antifreeze, fluorescent bulbs or batteries. • Interested businesses and large quantity generators should contact County prior to event. Customers are to remain in vehicles. Items must arrive in vehicle trunk, bed, or trailer. Fees may apply, no change or receipt will be provided, please bring check or smaller bills. If you are unable to attend this event, be aware that Houston County residents may dispose of items at the La Crosse or Winona County hazardous waste facilities throughout the year. This collection is provided to residents of Houston County with support from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, PaintCare Inc., Winona County and La Crosse County. Waste Stream Price Unit Acids $2.75 LB Bases $2.75 LB Aerosols (including inhalers) $2.25 LB Flammable Liquids (bulked, inc. oil based paint, solvents, adhesives) $1.50 LB Flammable Solids (inc. isocyanates, styrenemonomers, flares and moth balls) $5.25 LB Oxidizers $2.50 LB Peroxides $12.00 LB Water Reactives/Self Heating/Other Reactives Market Rate LB Pesticides/Toxic $3.25 LB Qualifying Pesticides (MN Ag. Program) $0.00 LB Dioxins $25.00 LB Mercury Containing Articles (small items) $10.00 LB Mercury Containing Compounds $15.00 LB Sharps $2.25 LB Handheld Propane Cylinders $5.00 EA Fire Extinguishers $5.00 EA Qualifying Household Paints - Latex (Paintcare Program) $0.00 LB Qualifying Household Paints - Oil (Paintcare Program) $0.00 LB Non Household Latex Paint and Other Non-Hazardous Waste $0.50 LB Asbestos Paints Market Rate LB *Prices subject to change

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