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Saluting 1,008 years of service to students The La Crosse Tribune joins with the La Crosse Public Education Foundation in honoring 40 teachers, administrators, teacher assistants, custodians and others who are ending a career of service to students in the School District of La Crosse. Some have already retired, while others will end careers later this year. Altogether, they have served 1,008 years in La Crosse public schools. Here are the retirees, including most recent school and position, and years of service in La Crosse schools. JaniCE adams dEniCE BarrEtt JamEs BarrEtt JosEph BLasChkE sandra BrauEr kraig BrownELL BarBara CLark miChaEL CopsEy JEFFrEy dagEndEsh ChristophEr dEvinE Logan High building engineer 39 years (retired Jan.2020) Southern Bluffs teacher 29 years dEBBi roh Faga timothy FitzpatriCk daniEL FoEgEn susan grEEning Lyn haLvorson ChEryL hELmrEiCh tami hiLLEstad JamEs koniChEk dEnisE kuEthE-strudthoFF karEn Landstrom martin maus roBErt mCCarthy Summit teacher 28 years Central custodian 14 years (retired March 2020) Summit teacher assistant, 30 years Logan High custodian 42 years North Woods principal, 21 years North Woods custodian 21 years (retired Feb.2020) Central administrative assistant 29 years (retired Dec.2019) Logan High librarian 8 years miChELLE mEiEr District nutrition supervisor 23 years Hintgen teacher 21 years BarBara mikshowsky Logan Middle cook 24 years accounting administrative assistant 27 years (retired Oct.2019) EmmanuEL okE roBErt prisE North Woods teacher assistant 13 years Logan High custodian 38 years (retired Dec.2019) kELLy sChuLtz mErri shupE kathLEEn wiLhELmy tErEsa zahn Southern Bluffs assistant nutrition manager 39 years State Road teacher 14 years Northside teacher 31 years Logan High teacher 27 years Southern Bluffs teacher 28 years Cynthia LEiran-monroE Logan High teacher 22 years Hogan executive assistant, 18 years (retired Sept.2019) warehouse technician 36 years (retired Nov.2019) District instructional coach 30 years Summit teacher 35 years State Road custodian 26 years (retired Jan.2020) lead groundskeeper 10 years (retired Feb.2020) Logan High teacher 36 years Logan Middle teacher 21 years donna oEdsma-LamkE mark nELson randy nELson miChELLE rank david rudoLph Board of Education 12 years Hamilton teacher assistant 17 years (retired Dec.2019) nEuman stEgEn Jr. LorraE swartz ConniE troyanEk Southern Bluffs building engineer 36 years (retiredAug.2019) District nurse 20 years Lincoln building engineer 33 years (retired March 2020) Superintendent 12 years Logan Middle teacher 25 years Logan Middle teacher 29 years BonniE sChuBErt Board of Education 24 years Logan High cook 20 years To honor a retiree with a tax-deductible gift to the La Crosse Public Education Foundation, please visit our website: The retiree honored with the greatest number of gifts by June 30 will have a special classroom or staff development grant awarded in his or her name at the LPEF Grants Award Luncheon in January 2021. Thanks to Fowler & Hammer for providing additional support in this Salute to Educators.

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