Details for BUBBAS MEATS - Ad from 2020-11-22

Smoked the old fashioned way. Real wood makes it taste real good! P Please call your orders in ahead of time to help maintain social distancing guidelines.Thank you. La Crosse’s Only Local Family Owned Meat Market! UNTERS H N O I T N E T AT d game to il w r u o y g n ri B er in town. h tc u b T S E B the me only. a g d e n a le c Boned and 1248 Redfield St., La Crosse, WI 608-782-8453 All natu ral casings used on all product s. Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am--5pm, Saturday: 9am-12pm Sunday: CLOSED CALL TODAY TO PRE-ORDER YOUR DOUBLE SMOKED CHRISTMAS HAM T, S A F ACT IMITED L VERY ANTITY QU LABLE. AVAI FEaTURing THE BREiDEL RECiPES • Bologna • 10 Flavors of Brats • Breakfast Sausage • Jerky • Polish Sausage • Snack Sticks • Summer Sausage • Bacon • Wieners • Beef Pork and Venison • Blood & Liver Sausage • Head Cheese (Sultz) • Beef & Turkey Jerky • Braunschweiger • Special Orders by Request

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