Details for SUGAR LOAF FORD - Ad from 2021-02-19

Overloaded on ‘17 Escapes From $9,995 Sugar Loaf Ford in Winona, Minn., is selling literally truckloads of Ford Escapes with prices for 2017s starting at only $12,995. Escapes are selling like hotcakes on the Sunny Side of Hwy 61 It’s a nationwide mystery. Why other dealer who can come close to none!” Puetz maintained. “They are Ford Escapes, the most popular the prices we are offering. We try are great on gas, have enough SUVs in the country, so hard to to keep at least 30 on the lot at all room for just about everybody, find? Why does Sugar Loaf Ford can tow and haul, the seats fold in Winona, Minn., have such a down, and they are incredibly superior selection? And finally, the surefooted in bad weather most important question of all … conditions. Right now you can get a why are they so cheap? four-wheel or front-wheel drive model, cloth or leather, moonroof, “I have one guy who literally navigation, SEs and Titaniums … spends his entire day, from morning until night, searching 17 sources you name it, we have it.” across the country for Ford As most Sugar Loaf Ford Escapes,” said Sugar Loaf Ford customers know, these sales are owner Mike Puetz. “I have to tell great … while they last. Market you that there are many Escapes that changes can happen in an instant, we do not choose to buy because and he who hesitates could miss the they are either not a good price, deal of a lifetime. or not in good condition. “COVID-19 created a Because we do our due market for us that I have diligence we are able to have We sell between three to five never seen on Escapes. The a great inventory of the best market is depressed. It will Escapes a day. Our customers love Escapes that can possibly the Escape, and when you can buy not stay depressed forever. be found, at the best prices.” Look at the stock market. Puetz and his buyer have one of the best SUVs in the It took a major dive and been able to pounce on then came back strong,” country for as little as $9,995, it’s special opportunities before. said Puetz. “That is going a no brainer. Please hurry though, to happen with Escapes, so He shocked the market with once-in-a-lifetime selling this price depression for Escapes we are only going to buy events for Chevy Impalas, them while the market is can’t last. Take advantage of the Ford Tauruses, and Ford depressed. When the prices Fusions. Now, because deal of a lifetime. go up, the promotion is of the COVID-19 crisis, Mike Puetz, owner of Sugar Loaf Ford over. I would strongly one of the Winona area’s encourage everybody with favorite vehicles, the Ford times, but quite frankly my buyer is an interest in an Escape to get in Escape, has dramatically dropped in price. Opportunity is knocking, having a hard time keeping up with to Sugar Loaf Ford today. Our inventory is phenomenal, and at and Sugar Loaf Ford is blowing the demand.” $9,995, they won’t last long. Bring doors off the Ford Escape market. Why has the Ford Escape been so your trade and save even more. “There are a lot of Escapes out popular for so many years? If you Please check on availability. More there, if you know where to look, pay attention, it seems like every are arriving every day.” and we have been very aggressive other SUV on the road is a Ford Sugar Loaf Ford is located on in picking out the low-hanging Escape with a Sunny Side of ’61 Highway 61 West in Winona, Minn. fruit,” said Puetz. “We normally sticker on it. They can be reached by calling sell about three to five Escapes a “It’s simple. The Ford Escape is 507-454-5170. day, and we able to sell 2017s right now starting at only $9,995. That is one of the most dependable SUVs Visit Sugar Loaf on the web at not a misprint. I don’t know of any to ever hit the American road, bar “ ” PAID ADVERTISEMENT

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