Gundersen Health System

April 16

Daughter to Heather Bray and Shawn Beier, Winona

Daughter to Courtney Schultz Cordes and Joseph Kress, Sparta

April 17

Son to Stephanie Tidquist and Justin O’Driscoll, Holmen

April 18

Son to Hannah Bott and Levi Kemp, La Crosse

Son to Lindsay Fisher and Connor Johnson, La Crosse

Daughter to Ashley Erickson and Travis Schendel, Cashton

Son to Christine Friedrichs and Garet Koxlien, Galesville

April 19

Daughter to Shyanne Lewis, Cresco

Son to Jaime Boarman and Karl Greenfield, La Crosse

Son and daughter to Ashley McCullick and Keith Roberts, Gays Mills

Son to Amber Schmit and Mark Jensen, Tomah

April 20

Son to Maizoua Xiong and Steve Moua, Holmen

Daughter to Stephanie Nemec and Matt Fencl, Westby

Son to Sadie Brosinski and Jeff Alton, Genoa

April 21

Son to Tiahia Aune and Davonte Willcox-Ransom, Winona

Son to Bethany Zellmer and Justin Matsick, La Crosse

Daughter to Samantha Dolsey and Thomas Stark, Hixton

Daughter to Gabrielle Larson and Brady Kozelka, Sparta

April 22

Son to Brecken Allan, De Soto

Son to Kylie Mannion and Jonathon Horne, La Crosse

Daughter to Heather Martin and Tyler Dieterman, Winona

April 23

Daughter to Brittany Binsfeld and Daniel Hensgen, La Crosse

Daughter to Amber Schoh and Corey Bell, Caledonia

April 24

Daughter to Elizabeth Halama and Jeremy Campbell, Whitehall

Son to Samantha Meidle and Andrew Hinton, Melrose

April 25

Daughter to Danielle Halverson and David Todd, Galesville

April 26

Son to Jennifer Field and Peter Amann, La Crosse

Son to Jenna Anderson and Chris Kirchner, Onalaska

April 27

Son to Cindy and Jason Murphy, La Crosse

April 28

Daughter to Angel Troxler and Cody Kraemer, Ettrick

Daughter to Mary Stallman and Jack Litsheim, La Crosse

April 29

Son to Christina Huff and Casey O’Connell, Onalaska

Son to Tvisa Wells, Winona

April 30

Son to April Ennis and Fred Hill, Black River Falls

Son to Kelly Colgan and Derek Hammen, La Crosse

Daughter to Katie Nestingen and Bryce Griffin, Viroqua

Son to Alison Dibb and Adam Wershofen, Holmen

Tomah Memorial Hospital

April 24

Twin sons to Magdalena and Andrzej Ziemianczyk, Tomah

April 24

Daughter to Jordyn Tourville and Jeremy Wallenhorst, Tomah

April 28

Son to Jasmin Lincoln and Corey Georgeson, Tomah

April 29

Daughter to Melody and Jason Lewis, Tomah

Son to Taylor Webber and Morgan Leis, Sparta

Son to Jessica and Shane Luxton, Norwalk

April 30

Son to Rachel Dupree and Collin Nelson, Tomah

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