Gundersen Health

Aug. 1

Daughter to Kelsey Lampert and Eric Wurm, Caledonia.

Son to Emily Guentner and Aaron Juneau, La Crosse.

Aug. 2

Son to Kristin Rice and Ryan Sullivan, La Crosse.

Son to Jennifer Schramm and Abraham Chase, La Crosse.

Aug. 3

Daughter to Alyssa Lee and Trenton Bowe, Galesville.

Daughter to Samantha Jo Harter and Daniel Frame, Onalaska.

Daughter to Kylie Walz and Dennis Williams II, La Crosse.

Aug. 4

Son to Brenna Johnson and Karl Gollnick, Bangor.

Daughter to Holly Cuhel and Scott Wolfe, La Crosse.

Aug. 5

Daughter to Alexia Nelson and Scott DeVries, Melrose.

Son to Kayla Dehning and Jason Klug, Caledonia.

Daughter to Jennifer Williamson and Justin Kohls, La Crosse.

Aug. 6

Son to Sophia Reidt and Ryan Sygulla, Whitehall.

Daughter to Katie Reget and Nicolas Johnson, Holmen.

Aug. 7

Daughter to Yingmin Lin and Xiao Xu Wu, La Crosse.

Son to Billie Jo Carmack and Omar Sonko, Caledonia.

Aug. 8

Son to Tara Bussewitz and Zeb Allert, La Crosse.

Aug. 9

Son to Melissa Ghelf and Daniel Mohn, Lansing, Iowa.

Son to Sarah Thomas and Schuyler Leehey, La Crosse.

Daughter to Jessica Fruechte and Chance Speltz, Rollingstone, Minnesota.

Aug. 10

Daughter to Tanya Benedict and Matt Breza, Winona.

Son to Christina White and Douglas Horstman II, La Crosse.

Son to Aleatra Nading and Casey Olson, Sparta.

Son to Kendra Garbers and Jacob Deschaine, Stoddard.

Daughter to Kayla Millsaps and Spencer Ladsten, La Crescent.

Aug. 11

Son to Nicole Bailey and Drew Kozicki, La Crescent.

Son to Tara Arndt and Dylan Blount, Bangor.

Aug. 12

Son to Allyssa Amundson and Jess Crocker, Sparta.

Daughter to Kendra cook and Daniel Reburn, New Albin, Iowa.

Son and Daughter to Cassandra Koski, La Crosse.

Aug. 13

Daughter to Raina Abrahamson and Joseph Dawson, La Crescent.

Aug. 14

Son to Crystal Overhouse and James Wiley, La Crosse.

Daughter to Kerry Jacobson and Roy Glissendorf, Winona.

Aug. 15

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Daughter to Jordan Colsch and Dylan Vassar, Ferryville.

Mayo Clinic Health, La Crosse

Aug. 1

Daughter to Santanna Dockerty and Kris Karstetter, Norwalk.

Aug. 2

Daughter to Ryleigh Debroux and Jake Honadel, Onalaska.

Son to Genne and Donald Bollman, La Crescent.

Aug. 6

Daughter to Jennifer and Seth Howard, Independence.

Aug. 8

Daughter to Allison Zink, Stoddard.

Aug. 10

Daughter to Sloan and Sergey Komissarov, La Crosse.

Daughter to Hillary Yahzer and Brandon Holmes, Onalaska.

Aug. 11

Daughter to Savannah and Taylor Suhr, Onalaska.

Aug. 13

Son to Ciara Lessard-Scharpf and Donovan Beckom, La Crosse.

Aug. 14

Daughter to Katherine and Matthew Fawcett, Onalaska.

Aug. 15

Daughter to Sarah and Adam Donley, La Crosse.

Aug. 16

Daughter to Casey and Dan Brueggen, La Crosse.

Son to Erin and Aaron Steffel, Tomah.

Aug. 18

Son to Jenna and Henry Van Wychen, Warrens.

Aug. 20

Son to Melissa and Pat Schock, Holmen.

Tomah Memorial Hospital

Aug. 6

Son to Jessica and Michael Chamberlin, Alma Center.

Aug. 7

Son to Tabatha Carlson and Zackary Betts, Tomah.

Aug. 12

Daughter to Vanessa Sugg and Kyle Kiddie, Tomah.

Aug. 13

Son to Bethany and Daniel Kuhn, Sparta.

Aug. 14

Son to Ashley Linder and Daniel Schonasky, Mauston.

Aug. 15

Son to Bryanna Finnigan and Dante Welch, Tomah.

Aug. 16

Son to Hailey and Tyler Sigler, Necedah.

Aug. 19

Daughter to Carley Hoscheit and Gage Ferkey, Wisconsin Rapids.

Daughter to Scarlett Jorgenson and Randy Dopson, Tomah.


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